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Getting Started Blogging: Inspiration Hits You!

When the day arrives that you realise that you need your own blog, it can come like a bolt from the blue! “I need a blog!” you cry but how do you get started blogging? Well, this article will look at three free options that you can explore to get you started blogging. 1. Blogger is a great… Read More »

WordPress Reports: Useful Plugin #5

One great plugin that I access several times a day is the WordPress Reports plugin. The plugin notes “Added support for multiple Google Analytics accounts” as part of the release for the current version which is 0.6. I also don’t know if it supports WP 2.1 that was just released. Anyway. WP reports provides a way to integrate… Read More »

Posting Schedule Starts February 1st, 2007.

Well, tomorrow I’m starting my posting schedule as I arranged. This does Monday: Cash Flow Ideas + 500 Article In-depth Reviews Tuesday: Great Plugins Wednesday:Good Blogs I’ve found Thursday: Great Tips for your Blog Friday: Quotation + How I got here-Article Saturday+Sunday: Weekend Reading Some of the Series I’m planning: The first series will be in ten parts… Read More »

Tweaked Admin Replacement Index

This hack is known to work in WP 2.0.7 ONLY. This is what I use here, currently. I do not know if it can be used on any other version. USE at your own RISK. If you are uncomfortable using FTP, looking at PHP code, or get frustrated easily (a sentiment I sometimes share), please pass on this… Read More »

Thanks, John Chow

My blog, recently because of its increasing status, ranking, etc., I have been getting spam comments with dozens of links, and junk postings in the comments. It wasn’t a lot, but on the last day, I got something like 25. Wow! So John Chow’s advice was just timely. Now I just wanted to thank John for his advice… Read More »