Build Back Links and Traffic with help from Google Reader

I was browsing through Google Reader when I noticed that Google had introduced a new feature that could really speed up commenting. Take a look:

reader bookmark

For this little experiment, you will need a GMail account and Google Reader, and a little app that sits in your tray called BlogComment from Legal Andrew. You’ll also need some saved feeds in your Google Reader account. If you don’t have any, borrow mine ( post / RSS feeds )!

Step 1: Log into your Gmail account, go to Google Reader then in Options/Goodies, you’ll see the menu. Simply choose the right tag, and drag the link to your ToolBar.

Step 2: Download and install BlogComment from LegalAndrew. When you run it the first time, you’ll need to enter basic comments: name, email and URL.

Step 3: Launch BlogComment and it will sit in your tray.

Now you’re ready to read and comment.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Next’ link in your linkbar, read the post that loads in your browser, and go to the comment area.

Step 5: Simply type ‘bcomment’ in the first field for your details. Then these fields will be filled in a jiffy, leaving you free to write your comments. When done, fill out any captcha and hit submit.

Rinse and repeat steps 4-5. It works a charm.

Guerrilla Marketing Your Blog with GMail, Reader And GTalk

Guerrilla Marketing Your Blog

I discovered a wickedly easy way to use Google’s new sharing feature to attract readers… I shouldn’t reveal it all here. But it’s so obvious that I can’t figure out if anybody else thought about it. Here’s what you do:

  • 1. Sign up for a Gmail Account and import your contacts;
  • 2. Activate the Reader feature by clicking on the Reader function at the top of your Gmail account (in the drop down menu);
  • 3. Subscribe to your target blog that you want to advertise;
  • 4. Then just simply click on the share button on the posts from your blog that you want to share when you find them in the Reader Window – you’re looking for a button or icon that looks like this… Click to share; click again to unshare.

    greader share function

  • 5. You can see my ‘shared’ items in the feed that Google Reader provides. Then chat away on GTalk; and if any of the people are using Google Reader, they’ll be able to see your feed here. See my friends’ from Gtalk who have shared publicly in the way I described in step 4.

my friends subscriptions

  • 6. Now you can add even more friends, too. Look in the Manage friends tab, just below the list of friends. Click on that and you can invite even more.

    reader setings

  • 7. You can hide these subscriptions, but Google has, in their infinite wisdom, allowed sharing as a default!

Have you tried this? I know it’s difficult to measure traffic this way, but I do know that I got my blog noticed by some readers who hadn’t dropped by in a LONG time!