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Taipei City’s Experiment: The Wireless City – 2007

Ron Brownlow in the Taipei Times writes about the challenges facing Taipei City’s WiFi company, Wifly. Taipei Times also covered this on January 19th. Taipei City government may have rolled out plenty of WiFi stations, but the take-up rate has been less than enthusiastic…. So why aren’t people using Wifly? The article attempts to answer the question: it’s… Read More »

BlogDesk Saves the Day!

Why I didn’t post anything on January 26th? I spent too long trying to sort out a carelessly deleted post.  I recently lost a sponsored post in the files here by carelessly clicking a comment delete button. Boom! Post gone! I had no archived posts, nothing on a cache, nothing in a cached feed, nothing on Google (too… Read More »

Blogging Software: BlogDesk

Blog Desk is an interesting blog editor. Its website states: Blogging should be simple, but it gets complicated and time-consuming if you are serious about it. BlogDesk makes it easy to write, speeds up lavish processes and assists the author with smart features. And actually, I’d agree with that assessment. I’m using it as I write this post.… Read More »

SEO Advice: Avoiding the bad guys!

The eager neophyte website designer/marketer is often prey to the many scams and other tricks that are abundant on the Internet. And there are so many gurus promising instant success, if you buy their book, download their software, purchase their website promotion software, or use their engine submit software. But Apogee Search has a great article that can… Read More »