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Summer Doldrums or Summer Glee?

The key to solid investing sounds quite simple in theory, but it is incredibly difficult to do in reality. The overall goal for investors is to find a stock that has a low value, buy it, wait for the value to rise, and then sell it to make a profit. In that one sentence, you get the entire… Read More »

Steps to Renting: Becoming a Landlord

If you remember my previous post about generating additional income, it was quite a long time ago in which I wrote: My wife and I have talked about renting out our current apartment to generate additional income. But we encountered three problems that have so far prevented us from making any success on this: 1. we like it… Read More »

Would you gamble? Would you start a business?

This follows an interesting discussion we’ve been having on Forumosa about starting businesses. Of course, though, I wouldn’t equate gambling with starting a business. Why? Apart from the odds issue, there are far more factors that you can control when you start a business. If you gamble, esp. in a casino, the odds are absolutely stacked against you:… Read More »

Great Ideas: It’s easy to lose them, so don’t.

Grahame Green, the famous English novelist, was in many ways an inspiration for many writers. Dare I say, bloggers, too. For me, he was an inspiration: he was reputed to keep a journal near his bedside so he could write down many of his ideas, some of which would work their way into his novels. I don’t know… Read More »

Should I blog about my own finances?

One of the reasons I set up my blog on DollarTravels was to encourage me to put more effort into my financial life. While I’ve been very succesful as a blogger, and earned not a small amount of money!, I haven’t really posted any personal financial details on any of the blogs I write before. I do share… Read More »

How many hours did you work last week?

Well, I was in Page One bookstore in Taipei 101 last weekend, when I decided to purchase Tim Ferris’ book the Four Hour WorkWeek. It didn’t take long to get through the contents, but has heartened me to continue my own struggle with creating passive income. It’s a good read, and one that I have added to my… Read More »

Video: My first JumpCut Movie

It’s very frustrating working with camera movies… I have to convert the movie from QT format to work with my tools, then I have to convert the result to Flash format to post it anywhere. Worse, often the tools I have fail to do the work properly leaving me scratching around wondering what I did wrong, and why… Read More »

Buzz: Journyx – Will it keep you on time?

Sometimes I feel so busy running a business and a successful online blogging company that I wonder how on earth I’m supposed to do anything… and there are times I simply need to just sit and ponder things. Like how I have so little time to use things like timesheets, diaries or whatnot. photo credit: Paul Worthington Worse,… Read More »

Business Start-Up Killers or How to close your business in five steps!

Having been in business now for nearly eight years, I recently had pause to consider why typical businesses don’t succeed in the local market in Taiwan or anywhere. This list includes some of my observations: 1. Poor Financing Most business owners here in Taiwan budget enough money to open the business, but they base income projections and the… Read More »