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Is your site mobi ready?

We’ve been running our new banner for a couple of weeks now, and if you look you’ll see that the URL is different for our school banner than our website. Why? It’s in Chinese! Today’s post looks at whether your site is mobile ready, and how to do it. The mobile web is beginning the growth phase and… Read More »

WordPress 2.9 is out: Are you ready?

I logged into one of my blogs today to see that WordPress 2.9 is already out! I’ve updated a couple of my sites already, and I’m noticing several improvements, including a slightly snappier speed on some actions. But the biggest news is the addition of a trash bin so when you go to delete your posts, they’re archived… Read More »

Marketing a Website in Two Languages: WordPress Can Do it – Easily

For many sites, a unilingual setup is fine as you are marketing to a defined body of readers who primarily communicate in one language, their mother tongue. Occasionally, though, you need a website that markets in two languages (or potentially more) to a more disparate group of readers. That’s when the limitations of WordPress can be frustrating: you… Read More »

Making a blog bilingual: it can be done easily in WordPress

I finally figured out how to make our website largely bi-lingual (English and Chinese). The pages, sidebars and footers have all been done. I’m now able to drive traffic to the different segments. And all within WordPress. I have separated the pages into Chinese and English groups, but the bloggings themselves are still the same. However, the changes… Read More »

WosServer: Tweaking Your Blog for your Stick Part 2

After yesterday’s little experiment, I began playing with the WosServer and found some little tricks for bloggers, would-be marketers or developers. If you already have a blog or site that you are working with that is live, you can create a full version on Wos. It’s a little fussy but you can do the following things… For parts… Read More »

WordPress 2.7 – Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait To Upgrade WordPress Today!

With the recent and much anticipated release of WordPress 2.7, I was reluctant to upgrade some of my blogs because of past foibles, bugs and unexpected incompatibilities with plugins. So when I read that 2.7 was released, I was initially reluctant to upgrade ANY of my blogs. So I started with a couple of them, and updated, tested… Read More »

30 Tweaks for Setting Up WordPress For the First Time

This is a short checklist of items that I created when I was setting up a friend’s new blog. It’s pretty much all the tweaks, I make to a standard install of WordPress that I use. Once you have created your admin user: 1). Login and set the password to something you can remember! 2). Update any pre-installed… Read More »

WordPress 2.7 is coming – the preview…

Well, WordPress 2.7 is just around the corner, yet another upgrade, yet another version that is likely to introduce all the things we love and hate about WordPress New Features and Bugs Take a look… I won’t be in the first wave of upgrades at all. I’ll likely hang around for version 2.7.1 before upgrading unless there’s an… Read More »

WordPress MU vs. WordPress Vanilla

It’s been about a week and a half of using WPMU, since I switched full time. And it’s been a real trial but I am slowly bringing the blogs back to full speed. Obviously, blogging is going slowly and each stream will be less frequent than the full blog, at least until I’m more able to handle the… Read More »