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YouTube Branding Intro – 5 Ways to Use YouTube to Expand Your Brand

Whether you are new to the market or have an established brand, it’s good to be active in as many social media channels as possible to reach a wider audience. YouTube is truly a powerful social media channel that your business can leverage to increase sales and expand your following. Here are five serious advantages to using YouTube… Read More »

Your Taxes: Personal Income Tax Deadlines in Nine English Speaking Countries

For those of you international jetsetters preparing your own taxes, it’s wise to keep an eye on the different financial years when you’re preparing your taxes and accounting records. I’ve always had a tough time remembering this info when I efile, so I’ve prepared a helpful list of nine English speaking countries (and Taiwan), their fiscal years and tax… Read More »

Busy Entrepreneurs–Focus on Your Business, Don’t Worry about the Stationery

Small business entrepreneurs are busy making sales, managing manufacturing or stock control, or worrying about each month’s accounts. Suddenly, a lack of toner for laser jets in the back office means that  your customers don’t get their invoices, or the copier breaks down again, or the promotional items needed for tomorrow’s giveaway event haven’t been delivered yet. These… Read More »

3 Quick Business Building Strategies for Your Business: Double Down on Your Commitment

Although the world of business building can seem complex, it isn’t really. Those who attain success tend to find business building strategies that work for their companies and then consistently implement them.

Trash Compactor Tips: How to Buy a Compactor or Baler for Your Small Business

In our business, one of our waste outputs is paper and cardboard from our handouts, from used writing books, etc.. It’s amazing how much we generate each week, and it’s bulky but not particularly heavy, so storage is a real problem. If I didn’t have a decent waste collection service, storage would quickly become a problem, and a… Read More »

Hire a Hawaii CPA: Keep Your Company Accounts in Order with Professional Services

Your business excites you (but finding a Hawaii CPA does not!), but there is a huge buzzkill that saps your time, your money and your energy. Know what it is?…

Why Car Dealership Sellers Should Use a Professional Brokerage Company

Why would you be turning to an experienced car dealership brokerage service to help sell your car lots? Simple, professionals can make sure you have the national exposure needed to find the perfect buyer for yours in a speedy manner. A brokerage service can also keep the sale confidential, if their client requires it. Working with a company… Read More »

Money Saving Tips Businesses Can Use to Cut Shipping Costs

I was wondering whether or not to start shipping coffee beans from a really good coffee roaster that I know. I haven’t worked out the shipping costs yet, so when this guest post cam through, I read it eagerly for advice.

Corporate Philanthropy: The New Arms Race?

These days, corporate philanthropy is becoming a big business in itself as donors and donations grab massive headlines. In fact, it could be claimed that donors are engaged: Corporate Philanthropy: The New Arms Race “The man who dies thus rich dies disgraced” – Andrew Carnegie While some business leaders are directed down a path to earn as much money… Read More »