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YouTube Branding Intro – 5 Ways to Use YouTube to Expand Your Brand

Whether you are new to the market or have an established brand, it’s good to be active in as many social media channels as possible to reach a wider audience. YouTube is truly a powerful social media channel that your business can leverage to increase sales and expand your following. Here are five serious advantages to using YouTube… Read More »

10 Ways to Expand Your Branding on YouTube

by Kenneth J. Dickson YouTube is the 2nd biggest social network on the planet with 2.0 billion active users every month. They spend an average of 40 minutes each visit, while 70% of them are using their mobile phone. The core demographic for YouTube is young, savvy and sophisticated, so expand your branding on YouTube in ways… Read More »

Top 4 Ways to Use Today’s Technology to Increase Sales in Your Business

In today’s competitive markets, the right technology needs to be aligned to your overall business goals for increasing sales. But it can be a challenge to sift through the various tools available. This article discusses four ways you can use modern technology to generate more sales, including creating videos for social media, chat bots, mobile apps, and real-time… Read More »

SiteBuildIt Scam Stumbles On & On Like a Zombie

This comment was not posted at the Addicted To Decorating page on SiteBuildIt: Don’t know why. Don’t particularly care why. It’s Kristi’s choice. But I’ll post it here. So the Forums are closed again. Open, close, open, close… what is SBI but a swing door for cats? Really… they are still shovelling about WordPress,, Wealthy Affiliate… whoever… Read More »

What is Windows ReadyBoost? How can it save you money?

Are you looking for a solution for a slow running Windows PC? There is one often overlooked method that gives an older PC a boost. Windows ReadyBoost is a simple-to-adopt and affordable solution to speeding up a PC running Windows Vista or later and uses older or slower hard disks. This article explains what ReadyBoost can do, what… Read More »

Video: Google Chrome

It seems that Google has a new browser out… I wanted to try it but my pc at home isn’t compatible. It’s only XP SP1… So enjoy the video. If you want to try Google Chrome, download it here. Update: I finally downloaded it and installed it. I’m adding a simple screenshot to show you the browser. I… Read More »

Making a Light Tent: Trial by Error

I’ve been busy these past few days, one of the reasons I don’t post much on this blog. What have I been doing? Needing Photographs In the effort of building my own product site (click to see the post about that), I realized that I needed very specific photographs for my site, far more so than I had… Read More »

Is your site mobi ready?

We’ve been running our new banner for a couple of weeks now, and if you look you’ll see that the URL is different for our school banner than our website. Why? It’s in Chinese! Today’s post looks at whether your site is mobile ready, and how to do it. The mobile web is beginning the growth phase and… Read More »

Living Life on Cloud Nine: Nine Ways to Live ‘in’ the Cloud

My online office: I’m going increasingly cloud based as the pile of hard disks on my desk at school is more redundant. In fact, I was looking at my USB key-ring that held (only 4mb of space) and it was bigger than one of my old hard disks from about 10 years ago! The hard disk still works,… Read More »