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Making a Light Tent: Trial by Error

I’ve been busy these past few days, one of the reasons I don’t post much on this blog. What have I been doing? Needing Photographs In the effort of building my own product site (click to see the post about that), I realized that I needed very specific photographs for my site, far more so than I had… Read More »

Spacky: Simple Key Word Tool

Spacky is an interesting keyword tool that you might like to try out next time you are searching for keywords for your blog or marketing campaign. It’s called Spacky and it provides search results and volumes for the top 3 search engines: one word, one site… three sets of results to compare. Add this one to your arsenal.… Read More »

Is SideWiki a good thing? InvestorBlogger thinks not…

Image via CrunchBase As a longtime webmaster, I think that the new Google sidewiki feature could be seriously abused. I reserve the right to control who sees/says what when they visit my site(s)… as such I just don’t know why Google hasn’t implemented an opt-out/opt-in feature…. This is decidedly high handed IMHO, esp. as there is NO way… Read More »

Steve’s sites for Affiliate Marketing

Over the past few months, my friend Steve Sutherland has been encouraging me with the whole affiliate marketing thing. I’d just like to share with readers some keysites he’s suggested me to try including… SuperAffiliateMindset Uberaffiliate JonathonVolk WarriorForum These are the ones I’ve been using for my research… I’m sure there are dozens more that I should be… Read More »

My own stars: Made for my sites

I was making my first ‘review’ site when I realized that I needed stars for my reviews. So I made them in OpenOffice, using the special symbols, formatted them nicely and screen printed the results! Works nicely! I’m posting them here for others to use. If you use them, do link and say thanks!

Should I go to Affiliate East? Well, should I?

After yesterday’s ramble about Hitting the IM wall, I’m really needing a kick up the proverbial Ass. Ever just hit the wall. That’s pretty much what I’ve been feeling the past few weeks. Perhaps I’m just burned out. I’ve been trying out the IM much more than in the past, and while I don’t particularly feel overwhelmed, I’ve… Read More »