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Join InvestorBlogger on Twitter!

Don’t forget to follow me as well! John Chow introduces his new tool, TwitterFollower, that makes following me a snap! You can also boost your number of followers! I just boosted mine from 50 to nearly 500! Can I reach a 1000!? Let me know!

100 subscribers: We did it, well sort of

It seems InvestorBlogger finally regained its 100 subscribers from a year ago. Unfortunately, it was unclear who the 100th subscriber was, whether from email or just the regular feed. So, I’m afraid I can’t give away the extra EC for two reasons: I can’t access the original forums where I made the original offer. There’s been quite a… Read More »

EntreCard Promotions: Get Traffic for your website!

Have you joined Entrecard? I did, and then quit for lack of stability. Now I’m trying it again because there a number of innovations: the EC browser helps to manage everything; and EC can now be bought and sold to EntreCard. There’s also a much more active trading community on Entrecard. I’m now running three EC promotions on… Read More »

Would you like 100 EC? I’m giving it away if …

you are a member of EntreCard’s card scheme, then you can get yourself 100 credits by subscribing to my blog about blogging, money and finance! To complete the deal, just subscribe via email and send a copy of your activation code to me as confirmation. The sign up box is on the right side of my blog at… Read More »

New Features on InvestorBlogger: Have you noticed?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been extending and adding stuff to the sidebars to pimp out my blog a little. Here’s a list of additions and trials. 1. I’ve created several YouTube Channels, one of which is located in the right sidebar right now. It has about 30 something videos in the play list, all of which… Read More »

An Open Letter to Dreamhost

What on earth is going on? I wish someone could explain to me in good order… because I’ve never seen so many problems all in one day. I’ve getting lots of help but I’m still struggling to figure out the source of the problem, and hence the solution. I’ve had five serious problems in the last 24 hours.… Read More »

Getting My Act Together: News Update on InvestorBlogger

It’s been quite a while since I posted a news type post on this blog. So here goes… Of Buzzes, Blogs, and Forms David from eCommerce-Tools spotted an interesting new plugin and sent me news about it – It’s called a Form Builder and allows users to create a wide range of forms that then email content and… Read More »

What’s in that download now?

A few months ago, I created a top 20 list of my favorite ‘money making blogs’. Recently I’ve sorted out the niggles and created a page to make it easier to find. This page will keep a record of my download and the current feeds that are in it . In edition 1.1 that is currently available for… Read More »

Splogging is STEALING… Stop STEALING our blogs…

Gentle readers, please do not be alarmed! Reading this post in your RSS reader is quite okay! Many of you have your own blogs, and work hard at writing them. I spend a lot of time, and just occasionally I enjoy the fruits of my labor. But today, I noticed that one website was reposting my content in… Read More »