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SBI Updates:

With 65 pages, an average of 98 visitors a day, and I’m earning a few nickels a day (average) on Adsense, my coffee site is coming along. I’ve just announced some new goals: "Phase II- improve content/structure and Increase links – very slow! Phase III – build out the site to [b]100 pages and 200 visitors per day[/b]!… Read More »

how to sell your website: SBI Advice

As a regular on this forum, I am putting together some suggestions on selling your site and how to make it seem like a good thing. The original posting by Jim is pretty helpful. But it is a locked thread, so I thought I would add my own experience here. First, and foremost: think like a buyer. If… Read More »

Making Progress with SBI

It’s been months since I started working with SiteBuildIt, and I’m sure that you’ve been keeping uptodate with the posts and pictures of my site(s). But I haven’t really told you much about my experience of the program, and the different phases I’ve gone through. The Basics It took quite a while to digest the material from the… Read More »

SBI: Tips on Changing Your Domain

I’m in the midst of swapping over my site from my first domain to my new domain, and I’m very happy with how fast things have gone… Some cautionary advice, though. If you have any serious doubts about your first domain name choice, you should DEFINITELY move earlier. I’m moving about 20 pages and it’s a real hassle.… Read More »

BuzzBlog: Great Coffee Beans

I’ve been pretty busy the past few weeks building a new site for my online business. It’s called Great Coffee Beans, and though it’s still early days, I’ve quite progressed along the track of building this site. Why is it different? Well, it’s different because it’s my first site to focus on the SBI site building ideas, so… Read More »

Should I sell my blog?

One recent forum, I came across this sad letter. Why? Read the letter first to find out the problem: I have worked hard and have done pretty well in my site I believe, traffic is building to around 150 visitors per day. … But I am currently deeply involved in a book writing project for (way off my… Read More »

Buying a site: Some tips on assessing its fundamental value

I was discussing buying a site tips on one of the SiteBuildIt boards, when I came across this posting "Should You Buy an Established Website?" by Zac Johnson. It’s a good read, and he provides some good tips. Go here to read it, but do come back! Over the years I’ve had my fair share of web site… Read More »

The Toughest Site Challenge I’ve ever done: SBI

In late August, I was suckered into buying one of those great 2-for-1 deals at SiteBuildIt, and since then I feel like I’ve been spinning my wheels a lot. Why? I will be absolutely frank: the course is tough because it asks you to do tough things, really tough. Blogging on this blog or on my other Blogs… Read More »

Dosh Dosh | Internet Marketing & Social Media

6 Fool-Proof Steps to Make More Money With Your WebsiteDosh Dosh Every website has a bunch of web pages which get more search traffic than others. These pages are constantly visited daily by new visitors, people who have never seen the site in question before. I call these ‘money pages’ because they are a reliable source of immediate… Read More »