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Making a Light Tent: Trial by Error

I’ve been busy these past few days, one of the reasons I don’t post much on this blog. What have I been doing? Needing Photographs In the effort of building my own product site (click to see the post about that), I realized that I needed very specific photographs for my site, far more so than I had… Read More »

Is your site mobi ready?

We’ve been running our new banner for a couple of weeks now, and if you look you’ll see that the URL is different for our school banner than our website. Why? It’s in Chinese! Today’s post looks at whether your site is mobile ready, and how to do it. The mobile web is beginning the growth phase and… Read More »

Living Life on Cloud Nine: Nine Ways to Live ‘in’ the Cloud

My online office: I’m going increasingly cloud based as the pile of hard disks on my desk at school is more redundant. In fact, I was looking at my USB key-ring that held (only 4mb of space) and it was bigger than one of my old hard disks from about 10 years ago! The hard disk still works,… Read More »

Which is a better e-reader? Asus Eee PC T91 or the Amazon Kindle Reader (International)

Image via Wikipedia I was pondering this question today when I was reading the announcements of the Amazon Kindle for International Sales. Which of these would make a better reader? Pricing: Kindle 1 vs. T91 0 The Kindle is at least $240 cheaper than the Asus Eee PC T91 series, so on price alone, the Asus T91 would… Read More »

Mac’s suck: PC’s rule

Image via Wikipedia I don’t know why people waste their breath on the traditional PC vs. Mac wars. It seems rather ‘fruitless’ to me. A computer is a computer, after all.   What do you use it for? A PC of any kind is only as good as what it’s used for. Most people will only surf the… Read More »

Radio Sure: Download and plays, for sure

Having just tried out several music services and products, I happened to come across this piece of software, called RadioSure. It’s a simple player that sits between your PC and 12000 online radio stations, including many of my favorites. RadioSure: A Great New Alternative It’s easy to install, easy to use, and it plays the stream just as… Read More »

Amazon vs. the Big Four: Bold Visions vs. Ambitious Lawyers

I’m amazed (or should I say, Amazoned!) in the IP debate, we’ve slowly seen the music industry erect IP firewalls around all the music content that they can possibly control: EMusic, Pandora, Last.FM to name but three of the recent victims of overly assertive lawyers and seriously compromised CEOs. It’s been too often that I have written about… Read More »

How Do You Buy an Asus Eee PC Netbook? #1 Battery Life Considerations

So you want to buy an Asus Eee PC. There are more than 30 different models that have now been released, but you have had a look at all the great models available and you’ve struggled to make a choice. Battery life: you don’t know if the one you want is appropriate, or if a more expensive model… Read More »

Short Review: Eee PC 1000HE – Connected, efficient and practical

If you’re a road warrior, you need a bigger keyboard and screen, excellent connectivity, and a large hard disk in a small space. The Asus Eee PC 1000HE has got it all, in buckets; and attractively so. The 1000HE sports Intel’s new and faster Atom N280 chip. The 10? display shows 1,024×600 pixels, but doesn’t have that annoying… Read More »