The Smart Way to check your Page Rank

Page Rank is now quite a sought after asset for your website or blog. Its importance is still hotly debated, but its economic significance for some websites is no longer disputed. A higher page rank can translate into much higher income generation for websites, through selling text links, ad sales, affiliate sales, and so on.

Most webmasters used to check their page rank through a simple bar in the Google Toolbar, but these days there are quite a few pagerank tools available these days for checking the PR ranking of your website. I recently tried Smart and I was surprised at what a a fast and simple alternative it is. Moreover, there are a few interesting twists that might make the difference when you choose one page rank tool over another, such as automatic email if the PR changes, display of backlinks/alexa/DMOZ, and, very importantly for me, it was fast to load.

But perhaps the most important reason I found this to be a good site was the data was even fresher than I had first realized. In fact, I found out through this tool that my Alexa rating had changed since I checked just YESTERDAY. My blog had finally moved below the 1,000,000 mark, (actually, 946,176!) whereas URLTrends only updates once a month. They are still showing my OLD PR/Alexa scores. In Internet time, that is a long time!

So, I’ll be adding this PR Tool to my useful links list on the bottom left of this blog!

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