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Money Saving Tips Businesses Can Use to Cut Shipping Costs

I was wondering whether or not to start shipping coffee beans from a really good coffee roaster that I know. I haven’t worked out the shipping costs yet, so when this guest post cam through, I read it eagerly for advice.

WosServer: Tweaking Your Blog for your Stick Part 2

After yesterday’s little experiment, I began playing with the WosServer and found some little tricks for bloggers, would-be marketers or developers. If you already have a blog or site that you are working with that is live, you can create a full version on Wos. It’s a little fussy but you can do the following things… For parts… Read More »

WordPress 2.7 – Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait To Upgrade WordPress Today!

With the recent and much anticipated release of WordPress 2.7, I was reluctant to upgrade some of my blogs because of past foibles, bugs and unexpected incompatibilities with plugins. So when I read that 2.7 was released, I was initially reluctant to upgrade ANY of my blogs. So I started with a couple of them, and updated, tested… Read More »

Calling All Taiwan Bloggers

I’ve decided to see if I can’t get a small group of bloggers together initially in Taipei one Saturday afternoon to discuss blogging and make some connections… I’m planning to make this a regular thing with a chance to socialise, present topics and discuss issues related to blogging (it’s going to be relaxed and informative, I hope!) such… Read More »

30 Tweaks for Setting Up WordPress For the First Time

This is a short checklist of items that I created when I was setting up a friend’s new blog. It’s pretty much all the tweaks, I make to a standard install of WordPress that I use. Once you have created your admin user: 1). Login and set the password to something you can remember! 2). Update any pre-installed… Read More »

WordPress 2.7 is coming – the preview…

Well, WordPress 2.7 is just around the corner, yet another upgrade, yet another version that is likely to introduce all the things we love and hate about WordPress New Features and Bugs Take a look… I won’t be in the first wave of upgrades at all. I’ll likely hang around for version 2.7.1 before upgrading unless there’s an… Read More »

When blogging and traveling: five tips for bloggers on the move!

I’ve been away, ’tis true. This is the sole reason I haven’t maintained a healthy posting schedule, and for that, dear readers, I’m surely sorry. When traveling in the UK (my home country), I was pleased often to find hotels that offered various forms of broadband or wifi. During my stay, I stayed with friends, small inns, student… Read More »

Security in WordPress: Are you still showing YOUR plugins?

Michael Kwan’s blog was recently hacked by a clever hacker who managed to hide his visit neatly. Michael will tell you all about the story at his blog. This event plus a couple of other events has got me thinking about blog security . I’ll be doing a fuller post on my own experiences, ideas and suggestions. It’s… Read More »

DashBoard Editor: Changing your Dashboard in WordPress

Sometimes as a blogger, I get tired of the traditional feel and look of the Administration Panel, and the slow loading of the Wordpress feeds drives me nuts. I’ve already tinkered with the Administration page before on more than one occasion, but recently, I’ve been trying two plugins that are pretty neat: DashBoard Editor (this post) and MyDashBoard (Thursday).