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Dickson English House: Our New Banner

This is our new banner which we have hung up on the local wall near our school to attract attention. It’s quite colorful. I wish I could say that I designed it all, but I nearly did. With a little help from Microsoft, Istockphotos, and myself, we managed to come up with a design that was fairly attractive.… Read More »

InvestorBlogger’s MoneySpinners 2009

This is the Investorblogger’s MoneySpinners for 2009… It’s simple I will tell you where I made money in 2009 on my websites, and where I didn’t. I’ve rated the means in two ways. By Income over the year <$ = less than ten dollars $ = ten to fifty dollars $$ = fifty to two hundred dollars $$$… Read More »

Investment Discussion: Your money could be gone in a Flash

After my post on Tyler’s business development, I read today that Tyler has recently provided an update: I received a lot of criticism for the investment opportunity I put forward, but I still stand behind it. In fact, I think it was actually a very generous opportunity. But I’m fine with how things turned out, as now I… Read More »

Making Money with a Web Site: ProBlogger Writes…

Recommended Article: Problogger Describes his Photography School Site and its income structure. In this post I want to present some visuals on how I’ve expanded one of my blogs and diversified its income streams. * How do I expand upon my blog and add different elements to my site? * How do I move beyond the basics of… Read More »

Would you invest in this deal? All the risk, no ownership, and a profit cap, to boot!

Tyler’s looking for some ‘suckers’ who are willing to be investors for his latest project, a Flash based site. The terms are weird: I am basing the following options on the project costing $5,000: Investment Return Buyout $1,000 15% for 18 months 5x $2,500 37.5% for 18 months 5x $5,000 75% for 18 months 5x I will only… Read More »

Pandora, Emusic, iTunes 0 vs KKBox, Sky.fm and Last.fm 3:

It’s all about the dollars, cents, pounds and pence, isn’t it? After all, that’s what you’re all fighting about, isn’t it? That’s why you aren’t really entering non-US markets, … you don’t think Asian markets have enough cash, do you? Well, here’s my cash. I put my money where my mouth is: but you guys didn’t want it.… Read More »

Would you gamble? Would you start a business?

This follows an interesting discussion we’ve been having on Forumosa about starting businesses. Of course, though, I wouldn’t equate gambling with starting a business. Why? Apart from the odds issue, there are far more factors that you can control when you start a business. If you gamble, esp. in a casino, the odds are absolutely stacked against you:… Read More »

Of Business, the Web 2.0 and Taiwan: Does it all fit together at Nozkidz.com?

Recently, Adam Rahman from Singapore wrote and asked if he could interview me. Of course, I was flattered. Adam is a student at the Singapore Management University. It turns out he was interested in the growth of social media in the Taiwan and its applications to businesses. I only hope that I don’t disappoint him with my answers.… Read More »

Cash vs. Credit Cards: Cash is nearly always better value for customers

InvestorBlogger says in response to a post on Bargaineering about Credit Cards vs. Cash. We run a business here in Taiwan, and we specifically don’t take credit cards in any form. Why? Our best prices are for cash purchases, and that’s what we give our customers. While we may win a few extra dollars from additional transactions, having… Read More »