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Credit Cards, Friends and PayDay Loans: Which would you use if you were short of cash?

There are indeed many ways that we simply throw good money away. In my previous post, I outlined seven ways that I have successfully thrown money away over the years. These are the ones I remember! I’m sure there are dozens more that I could think of. There are of course some ways that you can avoid events… Read More »

3 Tips to Help you Deal with New Credit Cards

There are many reasons why your wallet may be feeling the pinch right now, and poor lending choices are one of the culprits. If your credit ratings have been affected by lost jobs, poor income levels or bad credit scores, you may need to spend quite a bit of time, money and personal energy restoring your credit record… Read More »

Cash vs. Credit Cards: Cash is nearly always better value for customers

InvestorBlogger says in response to a post on Bargaineering about Credit Cards vs. Cash. We run a business here in Taiwan, and we specifically don’t take credit cards in any form. Why? Our best prices are for cash purchases, and that’s what we give our customers. While we may win a few extra dollars from additional transactions, having… Read More »

Can a credit card help you budget? A Reader Shares

I’ve found that a credit card can be a very good budgeting tool. I was always afraid of credit and seeing the amount of debt a lot of people have nearly convinced me that the cards weren’t financially healthy. But then my mortgage company offered me a card with 1% cash back applied to my mortgage principal. It… Read More »

Mr Credit Card’s Survey: My Personal Answers… And yours?

I just received this email from Mr Credit Card who asked me to share my answers with him for a report he is doing. Rather than just do that, I thought I would share my answers with all of you… Mr Credit Card here. I am conducting a survey among personal finance, investment bloggers about their credit cards… Read More »

Keep tabs on your budget: send yourself notes, SMS, even email!

In this regular feature, InvestorBlogger will publish stories and experiences that we all face everyday. This story is especially useful for those considering first time mortgages, especially those with extra frills (like credit cards, extra loans, 100%+ financing…), When I bought my house, my mortgage company offered me a credit card that seemed like a very good deal.… Read More »

Identity Theft: It Could Happen To You! Protect Yourself

Identity theft is a serious and growing crime that inflicts serious damage on over 9 million people a year in the US alone. Identity theft can be placed on a par with break-in and robbery of an individual’s home in terms of psychological effects. The financial ramifications can be far more serious than the common burglary. What is… Read More »

What’s in your wallet? Money Meme

Here’s a picture of my wallet as it is right now… It’s quite a bulky thing, but that’s probably because of all the crap I keep in it! I don’t usually carry it in my pocket! It’s in my bag most of the time. So, let’s see what is in it! One Taiwan ARC Card; two driving licenses;… Read More »

Christmas is coming: the three ‘C’s of a Succesful Holiday

And they are: cheer, credit cards, and cost! If you match them well enough, your holiday should be great! If not, read on… The timer at the top of my blog edges ever closer to December 25th, and with it the sense that Christmas shopping, a moment dreaded by almost every man I know, should begin! Yet this… Read More »