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How Does The 100 Day Moving Average Compare To Others?

100-day-moving-average.html   Easy To Understand The 100 day moving average is a useful tool for any technical investor. However, this is only the starting point. There are many different moving averages. This is one of the first tools you should learn as well as one of the most common ones. It is simple to understand. That is why… Read More »

I’ve hinted before… but here goes

I was starting to think of constructive ways I could develop this site a few days ago, when I was going through the archives. A few years ago, when this site started, there was a lot of interest in personal finance blogging. Some of those sites are still around, and doing well; others have fallen by the wayside.… Read More »

Why Successful Stock Trading?

How’s your stock trading doing? Have you been successful in the past ten years? Or has your 401K or personal investing account been sucked dry the gyrations of the stockmarket over the past few years? Are you looking to get started with your first time investments? Or are you now dipping your toes back in trading because you… Read More »

Investing in the Stockmarket: Simple Guide to Beginners

E*Trade has been one of the top online brokers for stocks & shares since well before the dot com boom of the 1990’s. Now ANZ Share Trading has partnered with E*Trade to bring online dealing to the Antipodean marketplace. Attractive pricing, top quality research and tools make it easy, perhaps too easy, to enter the stock market. I… Read More »

Blogging Tools: Wos Server – a useful tool in your armoury

Ages ago, I wrote about how you could put your applications on a stick. For the inveterate blogger, tinkerer, and under-the-hood kind of guy/girl, you can also put a blog on a stick with WordPress, and (almost) everything you need. The only caveat: the blog is not (nor should be) live for security reasons. Look closely at the… Read More »

Using Google Docs to track your expenses: Simple Step-by-Step Approach

Keeping a track of expenses is truly a nightmare especially when you’re on vacation. You have all those little bits of paper, phone numbers, receipts, credit card receipts, cash, foreign coins, etc., etc. Soon you end up with a wallet that looks similar to this. If you’re anything like me, being organized is a real challenge. I do… Read More »

Video: My first JumpCut Movie

It’s very frustrating working with camera movies… I have to convert the movie from QT format to work with my tools, then I have to convert the result to Flash format to post it anywhere. Worse, often the tools I have fail to do the work properly leaving me scratching around wondering what I did wrong, and why… Read More »

DashBoard Editor: Changing your Dashboard in WordPress

Sometimes as a blogger, I get tired of the traditional feel and look of the Administration Panel, and the slow loading of the Wordpress feeds drives me nuts. I’ve already tinkered with the Administration page before on more than one occasion, but recently, I’ve been trying two plugins that are pretty neat: DashBoard Editor (this post) and MyDashBoard (Thursday).

BlogDesk Imaging Tools – Functional, Attractive and Easy to Use

Colleen Lane from Tricities Real Estate recently wrote back asking how I did the pictures on the blog, especially her posting: Thanks! That blog entry is very nice looking. Other that using screenshots, how are you doing the drop shadow, and especially the ‘ragged edge’ look you did on the resources image? Colleen :o) BlogDesk is the secret… Read More »