Looking back at the past years’ bloggings, I noted that some real themes are beginning to emerge that include but go beyond the original ‘about this blog’ page.

About this Blog

I’m cutting to the chase about my search for financial and personal freedom. I’ll be exploring my business and personal financial insights, mistakes, and experiences over the years of my ‘Random Walk To Wealth!’.

So, this blog encapsulates three basic ‘nodes’ of interest: blogging, money and technology. I’m interpreting each of these ‘nodes’ in a broader sense than perhaps other blogs. Blogging includes the act of blogging, the management of blogs, including creating and finding revenue streams; investing means money managing, stocks, dividends, creating business and revenue, debts, mortgages and so on; and technology includes OSes, blogger-related tech, cool tools and gadgets, software, websites, etc.

I’m going to try to tie these three nodes together with a regular stats update including stats on the success of the blog, and the success of my revenue streams. I’ll be using myself as an example of what to do and what not to do, and I’ll fill you in on things I have learned along the way.


I’m not a specialist in finance or investing or blogging, for that matter. I have no financial qualifications, financial certification or financial education of any kind. Nothing stated in this blog should be construed as any kind of financial advice.

I’m merely describing the things that happened to me, some of which generated money, some of which didn’t. As such, this blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. It is not intended to offer financial advice or indeed any kind of advice. The information provided herein is solely for your enlightenment. Your mileage regarding ANY results may vary significantly from anything presented here. So, do your own due diligence, and research things carefully BEFORE you undertake anything mentioned in this blog. Naturally, I’d love to hear what results you got, but there is no warranty stated or implied.

As such, your own results may vary considerably. You should do your own DUE DILIGENCE for any investment that you choose to make or any financial service that you choose to use. You should also seek the advice of a specialist in finance, law, taxation, investment, etc..

Also, the blog doesn’t address the issues of taxation at all. My profits and any numbers mentioned here are considered gross profits, i.e. before any taxes are paid. Because tax jurisdictions vary greatly across the world, this blog does NOT address the issues of taxes. Any money you make may very well be liable to taxes in your jurisdiction.

For financial, investment and taxation advice that pertains to your own particular circumstances and jurisdiction, you need to consult a recognized authority in your country.

Disclosure Information
This blog presents information that I believe is honest, truthful and accurate. This blog also presents ideas, opinions and thoughts. In other words, I will try to write to the best of my ability, knowledge and experience as truthfully and accurately as possible. If you think I fail in either of these aspects, please contact me and show me what is inaccurate or not factual. You can contact me via the comments section, the contact me page or via email at investorblogger_at_investorblogger.com.


I enjoy blogging very much, and I would like to spend more time writing for this blog and for my other blogs. Naturally, this requires money: Money to pay for my hosting, computer, coffee, etc.. I will not be shy about this point. It would be nice to live in a world, but every InvestorBlogger knows in their heart SOMEONE somewhere always pays, even if you don’t. ‘Free’ doesn’t really exist; it’s just an illusion. In addition, I would like to raise some money for one or two of my projects that are designed to benefit others, but without cash would otherwise be impossible. As time goes by, you will see these projects featured in different pages of the blog.

The consequence of which is that this blog accepts forms of advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions and/or other forms of compensation. I am compensated to provide opinions on products, services, websites and various other topics. Despite this compensation for the posts or advertisements, I will always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. All such posts are clearly identified in one or more ways, such as at the end or with a graphic or published in a specific category of posts, currently called sponsors. In fact, this blogger will refuse ANY opportunity that does requires do not disclose , no matter what the product, price or benefits are. I will always disclose to the best of my ability.

To highlight the different methods of generating income, this website has a number of revenue streams:

  1. Google Ads, or similar, are (sometimes) served in the sidebar and in articles.
  2. Text Links and other text like links are served in the sidebar, too.
  3. Payperpost is a marketplace that provides access to advertisers. As it is, a number of postings are sponsored by their advertisers. From January 1st, 2007, all such postings will be clearly identified in two ways: by appearing in a Sponsors category of postings, and with the words similar to this is a paid post etc.
  4. There are occasional ads in the sidebar for Affiliate Programs, including Payperpost, etc.
  5. As new revenue streams are tried out, they will be highlighted in the text of the blog. Stay tuned.

In the event that a posting has compensation not otherwise covered, I will endeavor to disclose that relationship. HOWEVER, given the size of this blog, it may not be possible to go back and edit the older pages to bring them up to the standards. If you see a problem, please contact me. I’ll correct the problem, if I can.