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Video: Google Chrome

It seems that Google has a new browser out… I wanted to try it but my pc at home isn’t compatible. It’s only XP SP1… So enjoy the video. If you want to try Google Chrome, download it here. Update: I finally downloaded it and installed it. I’m adding a simple screenshot to show you the browser. I… Read More »

SBI: Updates for September

It’s been three or four months since my last update on SBI blogging. Since then a lot has changed, and not much. Site #1: PCB Traffic is growing now, in some ways dramatically. In crude stats terms: Pages: we have now 101 pages of content on the site vs. about 75 pages in May. So content has accelerated.… Read More »

Worries: it’s a craiglist/facebook world!

Some of my readers might worry about why I’m telling you about our London trip just now… nearly a month after it happened! In short, when people know you’re travelling … it’s an open invitation to trouble while you’re away. So we are trying to exercise a little caution about this by not publicising our trip any more.… Read More »

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Business Thought for the Day: Getting Started 90% of the Battle – Getting Business 10%

One of the biggest mental hurdles we face when we start any business, website, project, DIY task: we always assume it has to be 100% perfect before we start to get customers. Examples abound of sites and business that spent hours building the perfect widget or wonderful forum only to find that it isn’t making any money at… Read More »

InvestorBlogger Very Speedy Now

For those of you wondering what I’ve done on Obblogatory and here on InvestorBlogger to speed things along recently. I will tell you: I was playing with my other server space at MediaTemple because my blog had slowed to a crawl, and MT were shooting emails at me advising me of the server load on the Databases. So… Read More »

2009 Annual Results

Well, I am surprised. For many companies and individuals worldwide, 2009 was a difficult year. I am surprised that even now my online income has only decreased a little in 2009 vs. 2008. Most of the income came as the result of advertising to my small network of blogs, some from my broker, a little from personal interest.… Read More »

Get in on the "next” Wave: Would you like a ‘free invite’ to Google Wave?

Google Wave is a new phenomenon from Google that aims to supplement other modes of synchronous/non-synchronous discussion such as chat or forums. This is what Wikipedia says: “Google Wave is designed as a new Internet communications platform. It is written in Java using OpenJDK and its web interface uses the Google Web Toolkit. Google Wave works like previous… Read More »

The final straw: tired of Adsense Ads

I’m tired of seeing adsense ads like this one… from TruthAboutAbs. Why? Because not only do I not care about Abs, I don’t know where they are (are they fitted in my car under the seat or under the steering wheel?)… I see the ads on the most inappropriate websites next to the most inappropriate stories. So today… Read More »