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Apologies: WP update – updating to Version 2.7

Apologies to all, but we’re updating the server. The WP-MU officially ended, and we’ve migrated back to WordPress. In the meantime, we’re redoing the overall design of the site over the next few days, so we’re hoping to have a new theme soon. Also, we had some ‘problems’ when we initially upgraded: including missing images, a bunch of… Read More »

Monday News: Winners, Downloads, Carnivals and my new project

It’s Monday, the first day of a new week, and lots of things are happening! So keep reading… Review: PayU2Blog – Sponsored Blogging with a difference? Consulting and Advising – Combining Blogging and your Career Buzz: Michael Turton’s – The View From Taiwan Old Calendars: New Pictures – Creating extra excitement in your living room And my favorite… Read More »

Newsbytes on InvestorBlogger: Apple Hot Air?, Affiliate Linking, Banner Plugins for WP and more…

Well, there’s a lot of little stuff that I need to share with readers this Friday… So we’re starting off with five stories that caught my attention. A quick review Here are my top (I like them!) stories this week: Guerrilla Marketing Your Blog with GMail, Reader And GTalk (2) PageRank: an intro, making money with PR, and… Read More »