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Zemanta LiveWriter Plugin Great little plugin for Live Writer

Thought you bloggers out there would appreciate this little tool. A plugin for Windows LiveWriter that adds extra functionality right inside your blogging platform, with access to videos, images, stories and other stuff that you can search for and blog about if you are looking for writer’s inspiration. Zemanta LiveWriter Plugin | Zemanta Ltd. I’ve used their Zemanta… Read More »

Tools I no longer use: on InvestorBlogger

Hyder really got me going when he posted a list of tools he’d never use again, I’ve installed and removed dozens of scripts and I keep testing stuff out…. My list is surprisingly similar. Tools I do not use much any more SocialSpark* PerformancingAds (they lost my money)* Alexa (for increasingly inaccurate stats) TopSpots* BlogCatalog (too much like… Read More »

Blog Editing Tools: 3 great tools plus one.

These days there are so many good blogging tools it’s hard to know which one to use. But there are three that are worth mentioning. Qumana: a blog editor that allows you to use their adservice, too! Of the three tools I like, it’s the ONLY one available as a cross-platform blog editor! BlogDesk: a simpler tool that… Read More »