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Dead End Blogging: Blog Charlatans vs Blogging Truths

Introducing the new occasional series called “DEAD END Blogging”… What is DEAD END Blogging? When you’re driving you occasionally will see this street sign … It clearly indicates that the road ahead ends soon, and that you will have to turn back and take another route to your destination. This series of short posts encourages bloggers (myself included)… Read More »

Do you want to be financially and physically fit?

I really liked reading advice about being financially and physically fit together on a recent online excursion. It seems that the two things can go hand in hand. So I decided to experiment with part of the article Joining a Gym, or Leaving? It seems really obvious that joining a gym and then not going every day isn’t… Read More »

Zemanta LiveWriter Plugin Great little plugin for Live Writer

Thought you bloggers out there would appreciate this little tool. A plugin for Windows LiveWriter that adds extra functionality right inside your blogging platform, with access to videos, images, stories and other stuff that you can search for and blog about if you are looking for writer’s inspiration. Zemanta LiveWriter Plugin | Zemanta Ltd. I’ve used their Zemanta… Read More »

Success depends on a skillset, not just a skill: Blogging, Marketing and IM

After yesterday’s post from J. F. Straw, I ‘d would like to share with readers a discussion I was having with a friend on this very topic: Steve Sutherland, the "The Start-Up Expert" wrote: I hear that all the time on WarriorForum – stick with one thing, choose one business model and persevere until you succeed. Unfortunately my… Read More »

Great Ideas: It’s easy to lose them, so don’t.

Grahame Green, the famous English novelist, was in many ways an inspiration for many writers. Dare I say, bloggers, too. For me, he was an inspiration: he was reputed to keep a journal near his bedside so he could write down many of his ideas, some of which would work their way into his novels. I don’t know… Read More »

Tools I no longer use: on InvestorBlogger

Hyder really got me going when he posted a list of tools he’d never use again, I’ve installed and removed dozens of scripts and I keep testing stuff out…. My list is surprisingly similar. Tools I do not use much any more SocialSpark* PerformancingAds (they lost my money)* Alexa (for increasingly inaccurate stats) TopSpots* BlogCatalog (too much like… Read More »

Lost Posts: Five Values for Blogging: Learning, Voice, Authority, Integrity and Audience

Lost Post Series: Posts that have otherwise been forgotten, accidentally deleted or blogged elsewhere are reposted here. Enjoy! This is a repost from Blogging Charlatans: I re-read the original post and felt the content of this stood better as a single post than attached to that. Five Values for Blogging: Learning, Voice, Authority, Integrity and Audience So what… Read More »

Serving Notice to Entrecard: A steady hand… respect your EC users…

One of the reasons I pulled Entrecard from my blog before was because I couldn’t see its value, couldn’t see where it was going, couldn’t understand why things changed… Now it seems we’re all in for a new ride: EC has changed things AGAIN without providing any advance notice. Any business needs a steady hand… If you don’t… Read More »

Blog Editing Tools: 3 great tools plus one.

These days there are so many good blogging tools it’s hard to know which one to use. But there are three that are worth mentioning. Qumana: a blog editor that allows you to use their adservice, too! Of the three tools I like, it’s the ONLY one available as a cross-platform blog editor! BlogDesk: a simpler tool that… Read More »