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.htaccess rules for your WP 2.0+ blog

I keep finding my blog rewrites the rules for the *.htaccess files. Don’t know why. I’m placing the text here so you can copy and edit it any time you need it! This set of rules is for people who use WordPress 2.0~2.0.7 on their own hosted server and who need to access their *stats* packages in a… Read More »

12 ideas for generating traffic for your website!

Many websites have trouble generating significant traffic. I have some ideas that you can do…. 1. email your friends with an introduction to your website! A quality website will be worth visiting! (easy) 2. a blog can certainly attract traffic, too. (takes time) 3. find some good quality directories. 4. make sure your site is indexed in Google,… Read More »

Autometa: Meta Tags for each post

This plugin for WordPress 2.0+ provides a neat way to create tags for each of your posts, based on the first time you save the post you are writing. Here is the text taken from the Autometa website: Automatic Tag Generation This plugin will automatically generate and include HTML Meta Tags and Technorati Tags based on the full… Read More »

Improve Your SEO: A quick action program

This blog is becoming popular somehow. Up until now, this has been more or less a random aspect. Somehow this blog has shot up to nearly 1,000,000 on Alexa. But I’m becoming aware of a number of major shortcomings on this blog’s drive for boosting its ratings. 1. Autometa: Meta-tags for Technorati are important, I’m learning that I… Read More »

Word Count Stats v0.41

Word Count Stats is a very simple plugin for your blog. Its function is simply to count the total number of words posted in your blog. That’s it. Nothing fancy. The program installs and produces an extra tab on the ‘dashboard’ area. Once installed, you need to create a new post BEFORE you look at the stats it… Read More »