10 Tips to Maximize Your Branding on YouTube: Advanced Lesson with Videos

By | October 14, 2019

by Kenneth J. Dickson

YouTube is the 2nd biggest social network on the planet with 2.0 billion active users every month. They spend an average of 40 minutes each visit, while 70% of them are using their mobile phone. The core demographic for YouTube is young, savvy and sophisticated, so expand your branding on YouTube in ways that resonate with their community.

Expand your branding on YouTube

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

#1 Make videos with the best technical quality

It’s hard to convey your message if your video is choppy or shaky. Perhaps the sound is broken up by technical issues or background noise. Do test videos to determine what problems occur. Then remedy these before you launch formally.

#2 Create a variety of good quality YouTube content

Everyone can set up their own YouTube channel with a phone and a backdrop. Aim higher! Plan your shows in advance, keep the content focused on your products, branding and audience. Trim unnecessary or irrelevant shots during editing, so the video is tight and compelling.

#3 Engage with your viewers

Since so many people watch YouTube on their phones, it’s a very personal and direct way to reach people. Make use of YouTube’s comments by asking for comments, questions, and feedback on your videos. Then incorporate what you learn in your videos and reference your viewers directly.

#4 Get your viewers to subscribe to your channel

Your channel has a large red “Subscribe” button on all platforms. Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel so they get notified of the latest videos you make. A call to action demonstrates an action that viewers take to support your brand.

#5 Add content to your channel regularly

Whether you update daily or monthly, it doesn’t matter. Get into the swing of uploading new content regularly. Your brand will be rewarded by viewers as they begin to look forward to your next clip. Build that mind share!

#6 Brand your channel and videos with your watermark or logos

It’s easy to overlook the importance of watermarks in videos. Design a tasteful watermark that represents the values of your brand. Place it inside your video at the beginning and end. Include it elsewhere in your video so that viewers associate with your brand.

#7 Create thumbnails for branding on YouTube

After you have created several videos, you will notice that YouTube shows thumbnails of your videos. So develop a standard look that shouts your branding to viewers. You are teaching your viewers to recognize your branding.

#8 YouTube is a community

YouTube is a unique community. Your branding draws on that community to build your own community of viewers that follow your brand. Treat YouTube as a valuable part of your branding efforts, unique to itself. Your viewers will respond to your values.

#9 Test and tweak your YouTube videos

Determine what features on your channel you want to test. Typical ideas include adding advertising, ad placement, links, order of items in the video, etc. Then do simple A/B split testing to see which performs better. Results will inform you clearly of what you need to change.

#10 Add value to your channel

Keep adding value to your channel as well as your videos. Free downloads, cheat sheets, bonus videos, transcripts, and interviews all provide your viewers with solid reasons to keep coming back to your brand.

So YouTube allows entrepreneurs to connect with a large and diverse community on its platform. Use it well to develop effective branding on YouTube for your products. Your brand followers are waiting! Check out these videos on YouTube!

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