Busy Entrepreneurs–Focus on Your Business, Don’t Worry about the Stationery

Small business entrepreneurs are busy making sales, managing manufacturing or stock control, or worrying about each month’s accounts. Suddenly, a lack of toner for laser jets in the back office means that  your customers don’t get their invoices, or the copier breaks down again, or the promotional items needed for tomorrow’s giveaway event haven’t been delivered yet.

These issues are things you don’t want to face. Which of the suppliers do you call? Why not just use one supplier for everything? The back office isn’t glorious, but it’s an important part of your business function.

Office Stationery
That’s when managing multiple stationary suppliers for your back office supplies becomes a real headache. Entrepreneurs should instead try ordering from as few stationary suppliers as possible. Why? Simply, it offers all kinds of benefits for the small business: integrated ordering, increased efficiency, and better B2B supplier relationships. In our business, we currently use at least five suppliers for our stationery needs, meaning that we need to order and pay five different vendors each month.

Saving Time, Simplifying Hassles
Sounds like a difficult task to achieve, but when entrepreneurs multi-task all the time, ordering from multiple suppliers for office stationary and supplies highlights how difficult it can be. Entrepreneurs face handling different ordering systems, complex billing arrangements, and invoicing from multiple vendors. Managing all your orders via one website simplifies the task tremendously by saving time and money for your company.

Increased Efficiency: Integrated Purchasing
Ordering stationary or coffee supplies, paper for the laser printers, and copier servicing all used to require at least three different companies, not to mention all the other items a typical busy office requires. Choosing just one vendor will help the small business person be more efficient, whether the office needs repair of its equipment or promotion T-shirts for the charity event next Saturday. So look for a supplier who can cover all of the issues that your small business needs for its back office. That way, you can focus on your business and run it the way you need to.

Developing Customer Relationships

Surprising as it seems, good vendors should develop strong relationships with customers in the B2B. Amazon Business aims to do this by developing a wide portfolio of products, services and good customer management. This is just good business sense: good for the customers, good for the supplier, too.

If you’re aiming to improve your business efficiency, consider trimming the number of suppliers for stationary you deal with each quarter. You’ll notice an easier workload, and you’ll be better prepared to do business knowing that office supplies are in good hands. And don’t forget: Amazon is not only your Fulfillment Partner, but offers everything you need for your back office, too.

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