YouTube Branding Intro – 5 Ways to Use YouTube to Expand Your Brand

By | October 16, 2019

Whether you are new to the market or have an established brand, it's good to be active in as many social media channels as possible to reach a wider audience. YouTube is truly a powerful social media channel that your business can leverage to increase sales and expand your following. Here are five serious advantages to using YouTube as a marketing tool. This is your YouTube Branding Intro!

YouTube Branding Intro: making a video for your users

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1. Any business benefits from YouTube branding, including yours

Video marketing can be embraced by any business, from global conglomerates to independent freelancers. This ease of accessibility opens up new channels and audiences for you to target. It's free to upload a video (in exchange for ads being played before or during your video) which makes it a cost-effective strategy with huge potential for revenue. With video identified as the most engaging channel, it's an effective way to increase brand awareness.

2. Massive user base eager for relevant content

If ever you were unsure about YouTube as a marketing channel, here's some stats to put it into perspective — 180 million people watch YouTube in the US and the average amount of YouTube video content watched daily is 1 billion hours. It's clear that YouTube has a huge user base. The aim isn't to reach everyone; instead, create relevant and engaging videos aimed at the active audience in your target market.

3. Build your engaged community of followers

For businesses who already have an established following on other social sites, YouTube is a great channel for sharing engaging content in a different format with your followers. It's ideal for things like event footage, store openings, and behind-the-scenes action. You can continue to grow your community of followers by interacting with them. So respond to comments on your videos and make the effort to follow other people's channels too. Offering meaningful comments on their videos (especially those that don't yet follow you) will put your brand in a positive light and encourage them to visit your site.

4. Identify and reach out to your customers

Rather than using YouTube as a platform to hard-sell, use it to provide information-carrying or entertaining content. Driving people to your site should be a secondary goal, especially in the beginning. Build your customer base first and use video marketing to gain their trust. People will soon see the value in your brand prompting them to visit your site and make a purchase.

5. Find the right marketing deals for your audience

This will lead to marketing deals, which happened to Jenna Citrus—an artist and model who used YouTube to successfully build her brand. She became an influencer through product testing items on her YouTube channel. Initially, she bought these products herself, like men's razors to treate her shaver burn. Through reviewing these and other everyday items, she was soon approached by marketers offering their products to review. She now regularly collaborates with brands and a lot of this success is down to her engaging and authentic video marketing.

Utilizing YouTube marketing is an effective way to showcase your business. By sharing engaging content, you can show people a different side to your brand, build trust with your subscribers, and grow your follower base. Please feel free to come back and share your responses to the YouTube Branding Intro guide we created here. I hope it's useful!

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