Your Taxes: Personal Income Tax Deadlines in Nine English Speaking Countries

By | July 15, 2019

For those of you international jetsetters preparing your own taxes, it’s wise to keep an eye on the different financial years when you’re preparing your taxes and accounting records.

Screenshot IRS (US) website

I’ve always had a tough time remembering this info when I efile, so I’ve prepared a helpful list of nine English speaking countries (and Taiwan), their fiscal years and tax deadlines for personal filing.

CountryPersonal Tax YearPersonal Taxes Deadline
United States1 Jan. to 31 Dec.15 April
United Kingdom6 April to 5 April31 October
Australia1 July to 30 June31 October
Canada1 Jan. to 31 Dec.30 April
New Zealand1 April to 31 March7 July
Hong Kong1 April to 31 March15 August
Ireland1 Jan. to 31 Dec.31 October
South Africa1 April – 31 March5 December
Singapore1 April – 31 March15 April
Taiwan1 Jan. to 31 Dec.31 May

In some countries, the fiscal (tax) year deadline varies. There is also quite a variation in the deadline date, payment methods, even the nomenclature of the ‘personal income tax’. So always do your research thoroughly and consult competent tax and financial authorities before you submit your taxes.

There are stiff penalites for being late with your tax filing or even non-filing. So I cannot stress enough: do your research ahead of time!

If you spot any errors, please contact me and I’ll update this post as a matter of priority. Also, I’d like to link to some competent tax sources online, including the tax authorities, so drop any links and I’ll turn this into a real resource page.