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Where’s there’s Muck, there’s Brass: a Bright Future for Easi Recycling

Societies have been recycling since time began in a bid to improve their environment. Nowadays, many entrepreneurs have taken on the duty by establishing their own enterprises. If you look at companies, like Waste Management, you’ll see how profitable it can be if it’s done well. Range of Recycling Equipment Recycling equipment such as waste balers and compressors… Read More »

10 Practical Tips on How to Increase Your Company Profits

Of course, you’d like to increase your company profits. The lessons for creating and increasing an entrepreneur’s profits are pretty much the same as for any company: to be successful, you have to turn a profit. It’s that profit that allows you to expand, improve your products, hire good people, etc. But generating more sales doesn’t just involve selling… Read More »

HR Outsourcing: Providing Small Businesses With Big-Company Expertise

If you’re running a small business, but one problem small businesses have is hiring. In this article, you will discover how outsourcing your HR can be helpful in getting over one of the biggest hurdles in small business management & expansion. Let’s read on… — It is a well-known fact that when HR functions are outsourced to a… Read More »

Where does THAT entrepreneurial spirit come from? How does it affect you?

Entrepreneurship is a rewarding pursuit. It is vaunted by many as the height of accomplishment. Choosing successful investments and guiding projects with potential into their own as full-fledged businesses is a fantastic challenge that can pay big dividends. However, there are high barriers to entry. You need at least a little money to start, and you need to… Read More »

Kiva Lending: Supporting Entrepreneurs

Here and at, I’ve been supporting lending to individuals involved in coffee through Kiva. Today I received a timely newsletter that reminded me I had extra credit to lend, so I chose to lend to this lady and her friend/partner in coffee (even though I was only backfilling the loan). It’s nice to be able to express… Read More »

Leasing Commercial Office and Retail Space for the Budding Entrepreneur

There is a lot of opportunity in investing right now, especially since we’re at the beginning of an upturn in the economy. So, if you are setting up your new business, you will undoubtedly need to lease space, whether you’re opening a retail space or office. It’s just so much more commercially viable if you can plough your… Read More »

Paypal is getting expensive: But what are the alternatives?

The real beef with Paypal is that fees keep going up. The typical fees are now approaching !0% by my reckoning, and my in some cases exceed 10%. Please can someone else verify this. If you have a sale @ $100, then you have to pay 4.4%+30cents. So that is 4.7%. Now if you convert that to NTD,… Read More »