Fine Blogging: it’s time for a little ‘sizzle’

One of the most common questions that new bloggers ask when they start blogging is: what am I going to write? Such an easy question doesn’t necessarily imply an easy answer as most bloggers are still trying to find their feet when they start. There are a lot of tasks that need mastering.

For those who are starting out: there are a number of post that you could make. If you’re looking for a little sizzle, then try these:

1. Picture of the Week

Many bloggers are also amateur or professional photographs. Adding a regular or irregular photographs as your post with a very brief description can liven up your blog from the all text look, and fill a regular post slot. (click to see an example)

2. Video Post

A short post can include a video that you have uploaded to YouTube or even a video that someone else uploaded. Embedding the code is a very simple task these days. Simply copy and paste into your post.  (click to see an example)

3. Quotation

Short quotations on your blog’s theme or topics or that you find in your other reading are worth doing. They’re quick to copy down, don’t forget to add biographical details and also the source.  (click to see an example)

4. Link Posts

There are many kinds of link posts but one that I like is the post that links to recent readings and articles and websites that I’ve found across the Internet. Recently, StumbleUpon has been taking up this slack for many, but adding them to your blog is much better for your readers.  (click to see an example)

5. Buzz Posts

These are short posts that feature one particular blog or website. You can write them to highlight something you like. Keep them short (50 words or so), include an image, and there you go. (click to see an example)

6. Recent Posts

This is similar to #4 but instead you are featuring some of your own posts in the recent month or week. It’s well worth doing especially for blogs with a lot more posts and can draw attention to some that might otherwise be missed by readers.  (click to see an example)

7. Word Power

Post a word or phrase that you have learned. English has over 1,000,000 words (estimated!) but choosing a few careful terms or phrases that are not well-known can provide an inspirational post.

8. Sharing an Email

This can be an easy way to find a post. My email archives (and yours) are doubtless full of emails that are worth sharing. Raid those archives and see what you can find that would be worth posting! Of course, if you are sharing an email from someone else, make sure you have their permission! (click to see an example)

9. News Posting

This can be defined as widely or as narrowly as you like: include items in a short ‘what’s happening post’. These items might include competitions, invitations, news items, and anything else you might like! (click to see an example)

10. Review Something

You can always write a review of something related to your blog’s sphere of interest. Good suggestions include a book, a movie, a website, a product or service, etc. It needn’t be in depth but it should be appropriate and something you’re familiar with. (click to see an example)

These are just some of the ideas that I have tried on my blogs over the past two years. Of course, these types of posts are just the ‘sizzle’. If your blog doesn’t have any steak, then they won’t really help. Good luck blogging, and let me know what kind of sizzle or steak you are cooking up on your blog!