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Pandora, Emusic, iTunes 0 vs KKBox, Sky.fm and Last.fm 3:

It’s all about the dollars, cents, pounds and pence, isn’t it? After all, that’s what you’re all fighting about, isn’t it? That’s why you aren’t really entering non-US markets, … you don’t think Asian markets have enough cash, do you? Well, here’s my cash. I put my money where my mouth is: but you guys didn’t want it.… Read More »

News Updates from InvestorBlogger – EntreCard, Investing, Presidents and Last.fm

It’s been a really long time since I did anything newsy on this blog. I’ve posted “recent posts” lists, but nothing newsy. So it’s today. Do check out my post on how to make a newsletter, my updated download page, and the language of spending money . Trades in my account: Trading for Dividends! I recently noted FYI… Read More »