Apologies: WP update – updating to Version 2.7

Apologies to all, but we’re updating the server. The WP-MU officially ended, and we’ve migrated back to WordPress. In the meantime, we’re redoing the overall design of the site over the next few days, so we’re hoping to have a new theme soon. Also, we had some ‘problems’ when we initially upgraded: including missing images, a bunch of spam, some missing widgets, and a bunch of smaller stuff! Sorry. But we’ll get these ironed out.

We’ve now removed the old install, reinstall the original WordPress, updated all the plugins and WordPress, imported all the previous sub-blogs, corrected the URLs, restored the images, removed the spam, removed some useless or broken plugins… but there’s quite a list of stuff to sort out, still. Should be up and running by January 1st.