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Accident Prone: And it’s not April First

Wow! I’m having a lot of accidents today. Normally I wouldn’t blog about these, but each of them is directly linked to blogging. Don’t delete that FTP user! I was clearing out the backlong of files for my server, emptying databases, and tidying up other stuff as well. Having been on Dreamhost for four years, I had accumulated… Read More »

Money Talks: Read the fine print before you sign

While today we’re on the theme of borrowing money and credit cards, this horror story really encourages applicants to check the fine print of ANY deal that they enter into. It’s quite shocking. The upfront fees are ridiculous and the terms are such that no sane person would sign up for the deal. If you have a less… Read More »

What’s a ‘hui’? How you can borrow and lend money in China

In the modern world, credit is as essential an ‘asset’ as actual assets are. Without credit, it’s often difficult to buy the luxuries and even necessities of life. We rely on banks to provide the funds for this credit, but now credit is getting tight as banks are looking to shore up the loans on their books. Banks… Read More »

Keep tabs on your budget: send yourself notes, SMS, even email!

In this regular feature, InvestorBlogger will publish stories and experiences that we all face everyday. This story is especially useful for those considering first time mortgages, especially those with extra frills (like credit cards, extra loans, 100%+ financing…), When I bought my house, my mortgage company offered me a credit card that seemed like a very good deal.… Read More »

Should you pay off your balance or make a minimum payment?

With a lot of people facing increased financing pressure, should you be paying off your balance vs. making minimum payments? Ideally, credit card balances should be paid in full each month. Many consumers, for whatever reason, can’t always do this. If you have a financial crisis or come up short when your credit card bill comes due, you’ll… Read More »