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Tips on Getting a Good Balance Transfer Card

If you possess a credit card with a huge amount of debts and could only devote small monthly payments to paying off the outstanding amounts, then you might want to try balance transfers credits cards to lessen your burden. A lot of people transfer their balances from one card to another and taking advantage of new and fresh… Read More »

Welcome to BlueHost dot com

This time I’ve already set everything up and the transfer is working, though some people may still be seeing the old blog on the old site even now. I’m re-adding the plugins and theme features, though with the problems on DreamHost, I’m not sure how much I screwed up trying to get things workings properly… The first few… Read More »

Your lightbulbs: Have you changed them yet?

We’ve been swapping out our existing bulbs at school for the new energy saving bulbs, and cutting our use of energy by 40%, but we completely forgot about the 9 spotlights we put up about five years ago. Each of them has been consuming about 50W and we’ve been burning them 8-10 hours a day! It was only… Read More »

Credit Card Bills: May 2008

Well, it’s here… It’s the latest credit card bill, and I was horrified/pleased… I took one look at the total, and I was staggered. Over NT$15,000, and I can’t remember why… Oh, wait! I’m looking at one of them… Oops! Both. So what happened? Yes, that’s right… each one cost NT$6500 and I bought TWO… Was I crazy?… Read More »

Video: Good Advice for ALL Credit Card Applicants

This video from YouTube provides some good advice for Wednesday on Credit Card Gotchas. In the five minute video, Steve Diggs provides ideas about five important things you need to note: grace periods, 2-cycle average daily balance, . pre-approved card tricks, “fixed rates” periods, and default rate trap. Watch the video for some good advice. And remember you… Read More »