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Citigroup – is it sleeping now (NYSE: C)

This is the sixth installment of my look at the Dow Jones Companies, the thirty finest American companies. Today we’ll be looking at Citigroup. This company is now trading somewhat in the doldrums due to the rather tricky credit crunch. Having already looked at JP Morgan, many banks are under pressure, underwater, could this be the right time… Read More »

Citibank 3 – HSBC 0: Not all banks are the same

I had been a customer of HSBC for a few years in HongKong, then in Taiwan when I transferred my account to Taipei. I thought “Great!” Finally a bank in Taiwan that understands international clients, a bank that has good service, a bank that excels in providing good products. Was I wrong? YES on 2 out of 3… Read More »

Tax time: Review your Income Sources…

It’s nearly tax time here, and as usual all the banks and financial organizations that you do business with have sent out their paperwork. So now is a good time to review those sources of income. I received a tax paper from HSBC bank just last week. I took a quick gander at the paper only to discover… Read More »