Phone Bills: How those calls can boost your phone bills?

Travelling can be a lot of fun. It’s only when you come home and open your phone bill that you realize how much international dialling and roaming can cost. After my trip through the UK, I just opened my first bill (there’s one more due) and it’s more than 10 times my bill.

This would be okay but for the calls you receive from people you don’t know. For example, it is 3am in the morning UK time, the mobile rings and you pick it up. They’re asking for your wife who is 10,000km away and are unable to identify who they are. So all you have is the phone number: who can it be?

find out who's calling

Enter Reverse Phone Lookup services: visit their website, enter the mysterious number and find out who they are, or at least where they’re calling from. Then you can determine whether it’s worth calling them or not. The last time I was traveling in the UK, I spent quite a bit of money chasing calls; but this time I refused, I was able to decide which calls were important or not. Give it a try! Oh, and if you’re getting nuisance calls at 3a.m., then check out the National No Call Registry and see if signing up can prevent it! Either way, you can save a lot of money and trouble!

The only real question is: do you have enough of a problem that purchasing a $40 annual membership will make it worthwhile? I do like the guarantee though if a number is unavailable you get your money back! Perhaps it would be useful for those of us on SOHO business who make a lot of calls daily. Pity there’s no free trial.

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