Running Our Business

We’ve been running a business (a language school) for over 6 years, and it’s grown from a very small base into a much larger concern than originally it was. Naturally, in business life, there are the ups and downs of the operation and the cycle of business. We’ve become aware of this.

Yesterday, though we noticed that the number of our enrolments had dropped in September, so we are still trying to analyze the situation. But anyway our moods at school have been dropping this past few weeks because of the antics of one of our staff members. So this just added icing to that cake. We are currently not profitable as the business goes right now, which feels like a real slap in our face.

I recently took back more or less complete financial control, but the hard part of our business is predicting future income (as I guess any) so to discover enrolments are down was quite a shock to me. This will naturally make the next few months more difficult than they would otherwise be.

We were planning to do so many things, but now we need to focus on our core essentials, and we need to develop our marketing skills. So I have decided to dedicate this website to my search for business and financial success. I’m hoping that its successes and failures will encourage other readers to try.

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