The Daily Latte

By | September 7, 2006

How the money goes…?


Yes, those $3 a day habits do really add up!

Let’s see:
$3*365 = $1095 per year.

That doesn’t include the overpriced confections, cakes or cookies.

So you could really save quite a lot of money this way!

I used to enjoy going to *$ onholiday in the UK. The sandwiches were fresh and delicious about three years ago. Last summer, I went. All I could find was stupid stuff that didn’t look good, wraps, I think. What happened to their excellent sandwiches?
It’s the same in Taiwan, the food quality of many of their cakes leaves a lot to be desired, and I even complained once to no avail, because one cake I bought was so awful, I threw 95% of it away.

Moreover, their food preparation is going downhill seriously. So with some careful choices you could really find a better way to save your money AND have good fresh food.