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Making it on Main Street: Are you looking for the big kahuna?

Lots of people dream of striking it rich, online and offline, too. Whether it is the Euro-millions lottery or the Powerball, making it big on Wall Street, or selling your company to Google, the prevailing wisdom is that to make it, you need just one big score, one big sale, one big ticket, one… Others are out there… Read More »

Personal Development: Are you imprisoned by “Duality Disorder”?

I was reading a recent posting on John Chow’s Blog that looked at the issue of Getting It Done. I’m not going to rewrite John’s post for him, but I was reading the comments that were attached. I don’t know if it was just me but I saw a lot of posters using Duality Disorder (the sometimes inappropriate… Read More »

The Four Sins of Running Our Business

I’ve been reading the 10 stupid mistakes made by newly self-employed. It’s a good list that all business people should look at! I think our business has made several of them at least recently. There are four that are worth looking at in my context. Click on them to read about them in context at Steve’s website. 1.… Read More »

Running Our Business

We’ve been running a business (a language school) for over 6 years, and it’s grown from a very small base into a much larger concern than originally it was. Naturally, in business life, there are the ups and downs of the operation and the cycle of business. We’ve become aware of this. Yesterday, though we noticed that the… Read More »