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A Personal Review: Massachusetts Credit Union Website

An associate of mine offered to review the website: Massachusetts credit union, which you can find at http://www.wcu.com. So it’s over to you, J. and thank you for taking the time to review this site. Easily Accessible Rates I absolutely loved how easy it was to find the various rates on this website. I have been shopping around… Read More »

Learning from your mistakes… Turning your ship around (Part 1)

A tale of how (NOT) to run your business into the ground ! I was inspired by this story from Emonitized: Mistaking your Way To Success. In other words, “why I don’t post so much right now!” I’m too busy… The article I mentioned lists some interesting ways to kill your business: * Overexpansion. * Poor capital structure.… Read More »

Running a blog in another language: it’s a challenge

I recently decided to keep my business website on the WordPress platform for a number of very sound reasons and against the advice of some people. I found that the WordPress platform offers a tremendous number of benefits for small business websites and those starting out with their own online businesses like … Ease of use: it’s tremendously… Read More »

What Would You Do If You Lost Your Job?

Bargaineering recently asked: What Would You Do If You Lost Your Job? from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity Indeed ’tis a knotty problem for most people. But for me, it’s not so difficult. You see, I have my own business, so if I lost my own job, then I’d have to fire myself. At one point, though, I was… Read More »

The Four Sins of Running Our Business

I’ve been reading the 10 stupid mistakes made by newly self-employed. It’s a good list that all business people should look at! I think our business has made several of them at least recently. There are four that are worth looking at in my context. Click on them to read about them in context at Steve’s website. 1.… Read More »

Running Our Business

We’ve been running a business (a language school) for over 6 years, and it’s grown from a very small base into a much larger concern than originally it was. Naturally, in business life, there are the ups and downs of the operation and the cycle of business. We’ve become aware of this. Yesterday, though we noticed that the… Read More »