Great InvestorBlogger Product…

I tried this website recently, then wrote about it. It’s really worth checking out for InvestorBloggers! I have been investing for quite a few years, and of course, got burned in the recent Dot.Com Boom/Crash. I think, if it had been around,

Considering setting up your own blog? offers good value and service

Choosing a good hosting company is really quite a difficult issue. You probably shouldn’t just choose Cheap Web Hosting, without checking out crucial issues such as service, email response, reliability and depth of service. If you are looking to host your blog, you will need a decent service. Don’t just choose a webhost based on the price. You… Read More »

New Series of Posts Coming

Readers, I’m going to be writing several series of posts for y’all. The first series will be in ten parts posted weekly on the issue of how to get started with your blogging in ten easy lessons. The second series will look at developing your blogs options for income generation. This will also be a ten part series… Read More »

The OS X Virtualization Weekend

I’ve been following this company since I first heard about its software. Naturally curious to read about the possibilities of running other systems inside a primary system. It’s a good way for me to keep alive some of the systems I like to use, such as Works 4.5 ( a nice piece of software, BTW), unlike its younger… Read More »

Peachtree: Free from Dealdigg

This is a great deal from dealigg! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it in the Freebies Section. I don’t know how long it will be there for, so you need to snap it up right away! The only catch is that you need to apply for a rebate, but still… What can I say!? ‘Cept that… Read More »

Blogitive: Better or not? That is the question

I recently joined Blogitive for posting stuff, I am test driving it right now. I reviewed ReviewME earlier and PPP. I’m finding that Blogitive comes somewhere between the two. Fewer chances to write something than PPP, but more than ReviewMe. Less money than PPP on average, but more opportunities than ReviewME. I don’t know how things will turn… Read More »


I just signed up for Text Link Ads! My Blog has been accepted. it seems to be pretty much a a painless project to do this. I was confused by the number of choices I could have. So I just went plain vanilla. The process is simple 1. Sign up 2. Activate via an email 3. Log in… Read More »