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A few months ago, I created a top 20 list of my favorite ‘money making blogs’. Recently I’ve sorted out the niggles and created a page to make it easier to find. This page will keep a record of my download and the current feeds that are in it . In edition 1.1 that is currently available for download you can find 20 feeds for downloading in the file. You can now download the file here…


This page was last updated on Mon, 26 May 2008.

List of Top 20 Feeds

I’m always looking at adding or supplementing this list with the best ‘money making blogs’ and to that end, I’ve added two new blogs that I have found to be quite focused, quality driven and interesting.

If you want to know what criteria I’m using, it’s really quite simple: quality writing, regular updates (at least once a week – that’s not an average), and a writer with an entrepreneurial spirit. So this is what I’m currently recommending as my own personal reading! Enjoy…

  1. AdesBlog.com (feed)
  2. AndyBeard.eu (feed)
  3. BluePrint for Financial Prosperity (feed)
  4. Caroline MiddleBrook (feed )
  5. Consumerism Commentary (feed )
  6. Dosh Dosh (feed )
  7. *Genius Types (feed )
  8. I Will Teach You To Be Rich (feed )
  9. InvestorBlogger (feed )
  10. John Cow (feed )
  11. John Chow (feed )
  12. Make Money Online with a 13-Year Old (feed )
  13. ProBlogger Blog Tips (feed )
  14. Super Affiliate Secrets (feed )
  15. The Simple Dollar (feed)
  16. Timothy Sykes – Stock Trader (feed )
  17. Tyler Cruz An Internet Entrepreneur (feed)
  18. Shoemoney – Skills To Pay The Bills (feed )
  19. The Dividend Guy Blog (feed)
  20. KCLau (feed)

These are my picks for the current season, I’ll be updating this list as time, information, and good writing permit! Please feel free to drop me recommendations for inclusion, I’ll certainly take a look at them. Future lists will just include the updates, not the entire list!

Former Feeds

I’d like to thank the owners for these blogs for allowing me to include them in my original list.

Best Wishes to the bloggers, and I’ll be checking back every so often!

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