Savings Story: Keeping a Record

First blogged here. Edited post. At the beginning, when I got married, we spent pretty much all our savings on the wedding itself, on some furnishings and on transportation. That was mostly money that came from a an informal ‘savings scheme’, so we had saved for nearly a year to generate that kind of cash. But it was… Read More »

Good Reading for The Weekend #1

Have you ever tried to sell a diamond? A classic from Atlantic Monthly. Quite an eye opener in how diamonds were manipulated in the public eye. I like the pages that I discovered courtesy of 2million – My Journey to Financial Freedom. The blog links to some great reports courtesy of IDB on the Dow Jones 30. Should… Read More »

Christmas Loans – do they bring New Year’s Hangovers?

Christmas is upon us, as is the seasonal spending splurge. Many people will be using various kinds of loans and/or credit cards. You may choose from a Personal Loan or a Secured Loan. Whatever kind of loan that you need to see you over the holidays, you need to make sure that your loan has the following: 1.… Read More »

Need Money Savings Tips?

The UK financial services market doesn’t have as much competition as the US markets do. For consumers, that really means a lot less choice in such things as credit cards, secured loans, mortgages, and whatnot. But it doesn’t prevent thrifty people from taking advantage of what’s there, and saving money. For savings accounts,

Site Build It – Special Deal (2 for 1)!

I’d like to provide a blatant plug for a piece of software that I am very interested in. I just don’t have the money to actually buy it! But Judd’s a great guy, and replied to several of my questions about Site Build It Software. So when he emailed me with this offer, …