Buzz #12: Last.FM – beats Pandora hands down

Last.FM – What can I say? I’ve been blogging about the different music services for quite a while. I’ve already used Last.FM for about two weeks, and I can honestly, it’s everything that Pandora was, and much more. It offers a lot of additional options for users, including profiles, search, favorites, a downloadable application, … and great music. In the few weeks of listening, I’ve racked up a huge diversity of music… this is like the CD store I can’t find anywhere in Tamshui or even downtown since Tower Records closed up in 2004.


I also like the additional features and plugins that you an add to your profiles in Web2.0 apps like Facebook, etc. or on your blog. It’s easy to do, and helps to link your musical tastes with your readers! How neat is that? So…

I’m now using four different sources for finding my music online: Emusic, Sky.FM, Amazon, and Last.FM. In addition, I surf a larger number of online radio stations, download sites (all legal), and I’m now looking to see if I can’t get an iTunes account in the UK. Smoke that in your pipe, Pandora. You could have that money! Hah!

Please remember, don’t steal music – after all, you just don’t need to.