Elaine Gilmour: Blogging for ESL

I’d like to just say a big thank you to Elaine Gilmour for hosting her blog with me. Originally, she signed up some months ago with me, but because of her busy schedule, she didn’t have as much time to devote to her blog. In fact, I found that she has also been using a .mac website, quite a different animal to WordPress.

Elaine is a professor in ESL in Sendai University. She is developing her blog to publish her research as well as reach out to other professionals in the ESL/EFL world (which is widely dispersed around the globe!).


Of the 50 or so themes installed by default that she has to choose from, she opted for “Lush for WordPress” which is quite an attractive website design. With her blog, she got lots of extra hosting power for her blog, including sub-domains to her main domain (a much shorter address than her .mac address!), a wonderful blogging tool – WordPress (keeps getting better with every update!), lots of space and bandwidth, and as much help as I can give her! Good luck, Elaine!