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I’m offering two different plans right now. All of these plans offer a variety of support or mentoring to help with establishing your website.

Getting Started
Before you pay a penny, I will contact you to find out your needs, your skill levels and web hosting management needed. I will then offer you a proposal which we can discuss to see if it is appropriate or not. After that, you can think about it.

Two Plans for You!
Once payment is received, it will take about three to four days for everything to be completed. All plans payable on an annual basis ONLY.

Plan Double Espresso Plan Cappuccino Plan
Price Per Month $6.95pm $8.95pm
Your own domain .com/.net/.org/etc. .com/.net/.org/etc.
File Space Available space 25GB space 50GB
Transfer Data transfer 50GB transfer 100GB+
FTP User One FTP User One FTP User

Additional Features

I can help installing and making sure the PHP applications that you want to run are up and working. You can use this space to:

  1. host your blog with WordPress or some other choices
  2. email and file storage (no need to run around with discs, CDs or USB keys anymore) with your own downloadable application that turns your online storage into a virtual diskdrive, just like c:/ and accessible everywhere.
  3. personal homepage via HTML
  4. photograph album with Coppermine or Zenphoto.
  5. your own online store with Zencart.
  6. your own discussion forums with PHPBB2 or SMF forums.
  7. your own online magazine/content with Joomla or another CMS system
  8. you can create an online classroom environment with
  9. your own Wiki!..

Each of these will come with its own database, management of which I will help with until you’re confident.

I’ve handled websites with clients for several years, so you can have a look at the client list (updated Feb. 1st, 2009).

Payment Methods

Once you reach a decision, payment can be made in several ways:

* Paypal (will include a 5% surcharge to cover Paypal’s increasingly extravagant charges),
* Bank or Post Office transfer (only in Taiwan),
* NT$ check drawn on local bank,
* US$ check drawn on a US Bank (will include a NT$200 surcharge for cashing),
* Cash in person (if you come to Taipei!)

Acceptable currencies are US$, Euros and New Taiwan Dollars (exch. US$1=NT$30.5 approx Feb 27th, 2014.)

Contact Me!

Contact me with Hosting in the subject. I will contact you within 24 hours. Before you consider purchasing any webhosting anywhere, you should note: Any activity/website hosted must agree to the terms and conditions of my own upline hosting company. Failure to abide by these terms may result in immediate termination of the agreement/contract without refund. I will supply a complete TOS to those who are interested.

Best Wishes

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