Well, it’s done … blog migration made easy!

I have had an old blog located at http://www.my.investorblogger.com for quite some time. In fact, that was the original blog that was posted here, but when I decided to redo this blog (and blow my PR5 ranking in the process), I moved it the subdomain. It was a move that I deeply regretted for that reason… I didn’t realize what a PR5 actually meant! Oh, well. Easy come, easy go.

Anyway, earlier this year, I registered my new domain but was undecided what to do with that for a long time. I have had several ideas, including running muWordPress on it and creating lots of sub-blogs… but who has the time for more than two or three! Right now, I’m just going to keep it simple, though.

First, I’ll reestablish that blog with the required number of posts for Payperpost, tweak its direction so its a more general blog that can handle a wider range of issues. Still, I’m not sure what to do with the old finance/tech postings. Perhaps I’ll just leave them there.

Anyway, here’s my welcome notice for that blog… Do visit it!

Welcome to Obblogatory.com! This is the home of my ‘other’ blog! Originally, I started my primary blog at InvestorBlogger.com but I soon found that the topics I can blog about there were much more limited than what I was comfortable blogging about! So I moved my blog here with the intention that that space should take up the slack!

In doing so, I found that I sacrificed my PR rating on Google! My original blog was a PR5, and I didn’t know how to use it! Now it’s just a 3! Now I’m wiser, and just starting a new blog, that will allow me to build a blog that is more in keeping with my other interests! Moreover, it still didn’t sit comfortably!

That’s when I found a new domain based on the original name of the first blog! I managed to register it! And lo! I have a new blog! To welcome the visitors, I thought I’d add a nice photograph of a lovely restaurant that we went to! It’s called ‘Olive’ in SanChih in Sanchih County, in Northern Taiwan. While the food wasn’t that great, (so no photographs!), the environment was lovely, and the waitresses were very friendly and attentive to all their customers! We wouldn’t recommend the food, but the drinks should be okay, and the environment is wonderful!


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