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Google Docs: Does it represent a security problem?

Having been quite a keen user of Google Docs, I came across this criticism reminding us toNever Store Private Details in Google Docs – Private Docs can be accessed through Public Link even after Deleting This is about privacy issues in Google Docs. It’s a very good feature and I have been using it for a while till… Read More »

WGA: Whose Advantage now?

Windows Genuine Advantage had serious problems this weekend beginning on Friday and lasting nearly a full day and turned thousands of computers into large metal paper weights this weekend, as the Windows Genuine Advantage software kept pinging the ‘home’ server for assurance that it was genuine, but the server malfunctioned! According to recent reports, it was out of… Read More »

HTC: Are they ‘Shift’ing the future?

I was browsing several forums recently when I came across news of this interesting UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC)… it’s a format for sub-sub-notebooks that is catching people’s attention. The model featured here is the HTC (yes, remember the iPhone lookalike…) and it is suprisingly versatile. You can read a full review of the HTC Shift including video of… Read More »

Readable Email Subscriptions: How to keep your readers happy!

I really appreciate my readers forwarding issues, questions, and problems that they face when reading my blog. Recently, Dana from wrote me with an unusual problem, one that I didn’t know initially how to answer. Hi, I really enjoy reading the content of your posts. However, the font in your newsletter is much too small, so I… Read More »

Microsoft Office: proliferating Office alternatives

There was a time after Microsoft Office had established its rule of the roost that its competitors in the Office Software market were reduced to hollow shells of what they had been. A good example, of course, would have to be the current product of WordPerfect Office, which has changed hands quite a few times. IBM’s alternative called… Read More »

SuperMario on your iPhone…

Pay $600 for an Iphone, over $2000 for the life of the contract? Now you can really use your new iPhone for something useful ! Now you don’t wish you hadn’t thrown away your old Gameboy, do you? Seriously, how are you finding your new iPhone? I can’t buy one here, and even if I do, I can’t… Read More »

Updating my PC: Will it be enough?

Well, to continue my saga about the PC, I recently got my fixed PC back but it has been gutted completely. If you remember, I took it in to upgrade the DVD drive and the video card just to get better and faster video editing work done. BUT… I was told the Motherboard was faulty, and had to… Read More » Helps you to project a good image!

Generating traffic for your blog is largely an online activity, right? It needn’t be. For example if your blog is a geographically located blog, or if you are a business that uses a blog, you may find that giving flesh’n’blood presentations could drive additional traffic to your website, as well as create additional interest in your products. There… Read More »