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Terabytes at your fingertips: what you gonna do?

From time to time, I buy hard disks, the biggest size I recently bought was in fact 80GBs. I had a bunch of disks of that size for my office, naturally, I was surprised to find out that typical drives these days are about 160GBs of space, and in fact, I was offered one with 320GBs for about… Read More »

Mozilla and a Flock of SongBirds: Developments in Browsers

Firefox was quite a development in its own right, but with its origins in OpenSource, it has spurred some interesting developments of its own. First there was Flock and now there is SongBird. Read about them. Flock is a browser based on Mozilla technology. It is a web browser for Social Web Era, with support for RSS feeds… Read More »

Out with Kodak, In with Lumix

I have already done my Christmas shopping for myself . 😀 I recently lost my Kodak Camera C360 with batteries and New 2GB SD ram card… so with the holidays approaching, and no way to take pictures for my family or my blog readers or for my students, I was faced with a difficult choice: keep looking or… Read More »

SanDisk Cruzer: 4GB and U3

On a trip to Costco, I came across a really good deal for a SanDisk Cruzer® Micro 4GB. I have always been using two or sometimes three computers, so my data was always on the wrong computer. I am already a PortableApps user, so switching to U3 was easy. I’ve linked directly to the item on SanDisk’s page… Read More »

Printer Issues: DELLicious Deals at Dell.UK

We had a horrible experience last year with printers and copiers. The machines we had all seemed to point at just one thing: trouble. At one point, I was running between printer, copier, my lesson plan, and several computer terminals as I tried to get printouts for my colleagues and my own classes done. It was quite a… Read More »

Google Docs: Powerful Editing Features for Sharing!

Google Documents is relatively new to the scene, arriving significantly after Word XP, and even OpenOffice Version 2. Naturally, in some areas it is much weaker than its offline counterparts. But there are a number of areas where its ease of use, its online nature and its collaboration features really help to set it apart from its offline… Read More »