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Driving Me Batty: How do you store their data? Or do you?

At work, I’m the IT manager as well as everything else. I’m in charge of five systems: 3 Windows 98 (One English, two Chinese) systems, XP is on two systems (one English, one Chinese). You can figure that the interrelationships and commutations are quite difficult to manage: but it gets worse. One system has a DVD burner that… Read More »

I-phone or bye-phone? The emperor’s clothes…

After running stories on Iphone, and wondering to myself: what is this thing? It looks good and has a nice interface… But… unlike PCs where there’s only one primary competitor, mobile phones are a highly competitive market place. Does anyone think Apple can just swoop in with one device and carry the day…? Seriously? Nokia has dozens of… Read More »

Mars, the Weather, and Panoramas

Summer is upon us, the sun is shining, and here in Taiwan, we’re approaching Typhoon Season. But nothing could compare to these Martian storms! A giant dust storm that now covers nearly the entire southern hemisphere of Mars could permanently jeopardize the future of the Mars Exploration Rovers mission, officials told Thursday. Here’s an artistic representation with… Read More »

Online Photo Galleries: Alternatives to Yahoo! Photos

For those of us who were early converts to Yahoo! (before 2000!) when there weren’t so many great online gallery systems for your photos, and Web 2.0 was still someone’s Ph.D. thesis, you were probably uploading your photographs to Yahoo! Photos precursors. Yahoo! Photos offered 15MB of picture space that was shared later with Yahoo! Briefcase. It probably… Read More »

Excerpt_Reloaded: Changing your archives pages!

Many of us have had problems with Google sending 50% or more of our pages to Supplementals. My own situation has improved a great deal, but it’s far from perfect. I’ve tried an SEO plugin I found, but it hasn’t helped as much as I’d have liked. One of the the changes I have tried is creating original… Read More »

Waiting for an Iphone… Is it really worth it?

(This post has been edited with this paragraph. Also the publication date has been changed to 6/29 which was intended, but my posting system screwed up royally). Well, it seems that the queues for an Iphone aren’t only at the stores. Matt reports that activation of the service is S L O W…. I suggest you save yourself… Read More »

Making Videos for Your Blog: Challenging but fun!

I’ve been making videos for my other blog for quite some time, but I thought that I would like to detail how I do this. Making videos is a time intensive task, I found, so any way I can cut corners, I might consider. You need your source of your own video: a camera, DV-videocamera or webcam (even… Read More »

Safari vs Firefox: Faster than FF, but less flexible…

Have you tried the new XP compatible browser from Apple? If you haven’t you can download it. I managed to install one copy on one of my XP PCs but not the other. I’ve created a JPEG displaying my website in it! Now, this blog isn’t going to talk about how wonderful Apple’s Safari is… their own website… Read More »