Top 4 Ways to Use Today’s Technology to Increase Sales in Your Business

In today’s competitive markets, the right technology needs to be aligned to your overall business goals for increasing sales. But it can be a challenge to sift through the various tools available. This article discusses four ways you can use modern technology to generate more sales, including creating videos for social media, chat bots, mobile apps, and real-time voice and audio applications.

Create Videos for Social Media

More and more businesses are harnessing videos to increase sales today. According to Cyberclick, 60 percent of businesses use video for social media.  Given the obvious attractions of video to users, all kinds of businesses will grow increasingly interested in creating videos to spur both online and offline sales.

YouTube continues to be used as one of the largest search engines online. However, other platforms have caught up on the power of video. Many businesses are benefitting from the power of videos through social media to increase sales and engage customers. Nearly every popular social media platform now has video, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat…

When planning videos for social media, be sure to make your videos both educational and entertaining. They should be short and shareable clips. There are plenty of online software platforms to make simple but memorable videos for whichever platform you target.


Chatbots are the biggest trend in online marketing. With these new technology advancements, a virtual service such as the chatbot has come into play. The benefits of having a chatbot in your toolkit are numerous.

Since they are virtual robots, chatbots are available to your customers 24 hours a day. They allow your customers to find the answers they need when they are searching for information. This will improve customer satisfaction.

Chatbots can also automate tasks that often need to be repeated. By using a chatbot to automate these tasks, you will know that your business needs will be done correctly, efficiently and at the right time.

Mobile Apps

It’s important to have your information easily available. Being mobile will help your business engage with customers on any device. An app helps your business increase sales by making it easier to promote your products or services around the clock.

With the newest app development tools, developing an app doesn’t have to be expensive. There are platforms that help create apps without having to be a developer, and they are especially useful if you are looking for something simple to get started.

You can also get a quote for your app development costs to help you make the right decisions. While no app development is without risk, this app cost calculator will give you high and low estimates for the full development process as well as explain how the numbers were derived.

Real-Time Voice and Audio Applications

Successful businesses can actively grow sales by using innovations and technologies, which allow many operational activities to run more smoothly. Having the right telecommunications tools such as the Agora Quick Start Guide will help you manage your sales team and grow business.

Using a good mix of real-time voice and audio applications gives your team the flexibility to meet customers without the constraints of time and travel. Voice AI will begin to expand and is also worth looking into.

Choosing the right technology is essential to the growth of your business. You’ll want to match the tools to your business needs. The four ideas listed will help you get started using new technology to increase your sales and grow your business to success.