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Mac’s suck: PC’s rule

Image via Wikipedia I don’t know why people waste their breath on the traditional PC vs. Mac wars. It seems rather ‘fruitless’ to me. A computer is a computer, after all.   What do you use it for? A PC of any kind is only as good as what it’s used for. Most people will only surf the… Read More »

Radio Sure: Download and plays, for sure

Having just tried out several music services and products, I happened to come across this piece of software, called RadioSure. It’s a simple player that sits between your PC and 12000 online radio stations, including many of my favorites. RadioSure: A Great New Alternative It’s easy to install, easy to use, and it plays the stream just as… Read More »

Amazon vs. the Big Four: Bold Visions vs. Ambitious Lawyers

I’m amazed (or should I say, Amazoned!) in the IP debate, we’ve slowly seen the music industry erect IP firewalls around all the music content that they can possibly control: EMusic, Pandora, Last.FM to name but three of the recent victims of overly assertive lawyers and seriously compromised CEOs. It’s been too often that I have written about… Read More »

One Tool That Saves Me EVERYTIME: Google

I’ve been abroad for quite a while, but despite living in a non-English speaking country and learning something of the language, I still prefer to use English on my PCs… it’s just faster to learn and use. So whenever I need something from Google in English, I always set the cookie to the default using the link:… Read More »

Toast, Coffee and a Crunchpad for Breakfast, Please

I love to check my email in the morning, surf the newspapers a little, and catch up on the blogs. I usually do this over a cup of coffee and some toast for about the first 30 minutes each day. It’s my ritual. Recently I started using an Acer AspireOne NetBook (as they are now called) to do… Read More »