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Google Page Rank: Ups and downs…

Google regularly updates its page rank every quarter or so. So naturally, any changes are anticipated widely by bloggers all over the world! But things change, and so does a PR Rank!? Did you check yours recently? Well, I hadn’t checked my stats for a while. I checked today in the Google Toolbar, and noted that my blog… Read More »

Good Reading: The Grand Dame of Dividends.

Daily Wealth is running an article on here about the probably the most famous female investor in the world Since January 2000, the IQ Trends portfolio has returned 19.1% per year… that’s including the worst bear market in 20 years. The secret to her incredible track record? It’s all based on dividends. It’s good to hear that other… Read More »

Mutual Win: do people really win-win with MutualWin?

MutualWin is an interesting website that allows members to refer a friend and claim ‘free cash’ on many categories of products: from cell phones to gym memberships to apartment rentals – from right across the Web. Referral deals provide a great financial incentive for blog owners and investorbloggers looking to create a passive income stream. A good example… Read More »

Gallarific: does this flexible gallery script make your gallery terrific?

Over the past few years, I’ve experimented with three different PHP photogalleries: Coppermine, Gallery, and some of the various PHP plugins available for WordPress. Each of them has strong points, but weakness that make them problematic. Coppermine is poor at uploads, while Gallery has more features, including an appropriate tool to upload stuff (but it’s a bugger to… Read More »

Focus, Focus, Focus: Rule #1

Have you ever noticed how many things there are to do on the Internet? MP3s to listen to, Videos to watch, Groups to join, Chats to finish, Emails to write, it’s really busy work. And yet, it’s also quite frustrating because you sit down to write an email, and 2 hours go by, you’ve done a 100 things,… Read More »

Mess, Glorious Mess!

Saying Yes to Mess – New York Times IT is a truism of American life that we’re too darn messy, or we think we are, and we feel really bad about it. Our desks and dining room tables are awash with paper; our closets are bursting with clothes and sports equipment and old files; our laundry areas boil;… Read More »